Augustyn De'Vont

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Watching. Studying. Remorseless.




House Vratislav


Great Great Grandsire: Kosczecsyku
Great Grandsire: Constantin Odobleja
Grandsire: Nergui of the Snows
Sire: ???
Augustyn De'Vont
Broodmate: Zosia De'Vont
Childer: Katona



Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.
― Arthur Burt


  • Appearance: Augustyn has forgotten what he truely looked like when his sire found him and his sister. His features are in constant flux as he finds new and interesting shapes and features to borrow from those around him.

  • Notable Traits: Obvious Predator, Constantly Changing Features, Causes Goosebumps In Those Nearby, On a Path, Accompanied by a large dog most of the time

  • Demeanor: Augustyn does not speak much, and has a studious demeanor. He watches unblinking studying and weighing options before taking action. When he finally acts though it is without doubt and brutal in its execution.


  • Year the character is born: 1822
  • Year the character was Ghouled: 1850
  • Year the character was Embraced: 1860
  • Year the character left Accounting: 1875
  • Year the character moved to Kansas City: 2000
  • Year the Character moved to Martinique: 2017



  • "Brother Augustyn De'Vont was a profound addition to the multiple Cainites who made their appearance in our Diocese. I was intrigued by his intense contemplation and anticipate many benefits for the sword." - Vox Umbra

  • "Mutable. Mercurial. Ever-changing, Augustyn does not simply know Metamorphosis, it lives it." - Constantin Odobleja

  • "Everything I am now is because of him. Everything I was, he rendered irrelevant. He Made me, and my service to the Sword was painstakingly crafted by his hand. I merely followed through." - Katona

  • "He and I do not talk much, but we are still family. I am forever grateful to have him as my ductus." - Emilia Odobleja

  • "If I ever see that bastard again..." - A Random Anarch Toreador

  • "Listen, I don't really give two shits what anyone says of this cainite. They came to a call and faced an Enemy without tucking tail and running for the hills. In my book, that gets you a solid bit of respect." - Gabriel Thompson

  • "Something Something Something" - Someone


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  • Enjoys a nice chilled O-neg on the rocks, while listening to Justicar.

Augustyn De'Vont

Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
Social Class: Ancilla
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