Aukai Kamohoali'i

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Aukai Kamohoali'i

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Aukai Kamohoali'i

Fera: Rokea

Auspice: Galliard

Notable Traits: Bitten





Aukai was always attracted to the water, naturally being born in the islands. His father was a free diver who sold tropical fish oversees to the States. His mother was a restaurant owner. He grew up practically in the water, always diving the reefs and exploring the vast underwater caverns with his father, or surfing in Maui.

Aukai was particularly attracted to the waters off Maui, which was one of the most popular surf sites in Hawaii. One day he was surfing and a rather large Tiger Shark bit into his board and nearly him. While a bit shaken by the experience, Aukai was not deterred by the encounter and became more determined. He would continue surfing and diving those waters. Once even encountering what he believed was the large Tiger Shark while free diving. He was removing invasive plants and animals to the reef, a part time job he had with the University of Hawaii, when the Tiger Shark circled him. Its lifeless eyes stared a hole into his soul, but he stared back defiantly, unafraid.

Over the course of the next few months, he built a rapport with the Tiger Shark and the 2 respected each other\'s presence, and the Shark seemed to understand Aukai's purpose in the water.

The relationship between Shark and Man would come to a head on the sunset of a warm summer night. Aukai dived as he normally did and had just speared a Roi (Peacock Grouper) one of the many invasive species that endanger the indigenous reef fish, when even underwater he heard a chilling cry. At first he thought it was a whale song of a whale that maybe wandered onto the reef. Looking about in the dimly lit ocean, there was a cloud of sand and debris, upon closer inspection he saw the large Tiger Shark locked in combat with a rather sickly looking squid/octupus. The creature had its tentacles wrapped around the shark and the shark had taken several bites from the creature. Aukai instinctively fired a spear at the creature. It plunged into the creature and sickly black ooze came from the wound. The creature turned its attention to Aukai and lashed out to grasp him with a tentacle. He felt the tentacle wrap around his right leg. He drew his knife and began to cut away at it, freeing himself, when another 2 tentacles wrapped themselves around his other leg. He was being pulled through the water towards the gaping maw of this creature. He was also loosing air, he was good at holding his breath, but the excitement was draining it fast.

Suddenly the large Tiger Shark, suddenly opened its massive jaws and severed the tentacles grasping Aukai. He swam about and saw massive wounds on the great shark. He reloaded his speargun and fired again into the octopus creature, just as the shark bit into the disgusting creature again. The shark completely bisected the creature, filling the water with black ooze. Aukai spotted the shark beginning to sink below the cloud. He swam quickly to it and slowly pushed it along, so that water would continue to flow through it's gills. The Shark looked at Aukai, and in his mind he heard the Shark's thoughts. "The Sea must be protected. My time is about to end. Become a Dimwater, protect the Sea and tell the tale of what happened here today...", and with the end of the sentence came a bite onto Aukai's thigh. The Shark let go almost as quickly as it bit, and its body fell limp. Aukai shocked by being bitten, still felt a swell of grief as the shark fell to the sea floor. Suddenly a slew of Tiger Sharks appeared and began to encircle the fallen shark. Aukai knew better than to stick around with an open wound and made for his tiny boat. He climbed in and bandaged his wound and headed for shore.

He reached shore and limped his way to the nearest hospital. Besides a slightly higher than normal body temperature, they stitched him with no issues and he sent home with a prescription for rest. He did just that, but after the fever did not go away, he began to worry. The fever came with body aches, vomiting, a few hallucinations. He tried desperately to lower his body temperature, even taking ice baths. The effects seemed to subside after about a week. But then came the the strange hunger. He found himself unusually hungry with a very large craving for meat. Now he enjoyed a burger or luau like any other Hawaiian born, but the amount of meat he ingested was a bit ridiculous, yet he was never sated or full.

After about 3 weeks after the bite, he was able to walk normally again, and spent more of his time staring at the ocean. He had taken his small boat to one of the outlying islands and swore he could hear the moon, the trees, the very ocean speaking to him. He built himself a fire and cooked fish for sustenance, always thinking how he had come to this, and what did the voice in his head mean when the proud Tiger Shark died meant. It was an overcast night, with no moon and Aukai suddenly he keeled over and was overcome with intense pain. His first thought was he ate something poisonous. But this was not food poisoning. Every inch of him was in pain. He felt like he was on fire. He cried out, but he was too far for anyone from the main island to hear. Only the waves and gulls responded in the quiet overcast night. He felt his nerves firing underneath his skin, as if he was wearing a false layer and could rip it free.

Then the moon came into view. His bones began to grow and bend. He again cried out as his frame became larger and his muscle mass increased. His skin grew grayer and he felt an uncontrollable hunger and rage fill him. He could feel the weight he had suddenly put on. Then with pure instinct, he dove into the water. He swam with amazing speed, but one thing filled his rage filled mind, blood. He swam through the reef, and clawed and bit at the various fish there. This did not sate him. He continued to swim and somehow sensed vibrations in the water. Surfers. He swam directly towards the night surfers, and tore through them with monstrous fury.

Tasting each ones blood in turn, their soft bodies ripping so easily under his new found strength. He had killed nearly 8 humans, when he turned and saw a slew of Tiger Sharks swim towards him. The encircled him and his anger grew. Then suddenly he felt his muscles and bones crunch and change again. As strange as he found it, he was NOW a Tiger Shark. An actual shark, but instinctively he knew how to operate his new form. He swam, still full of rage towards the Slew, and within seconds he found himself feeling heavier and sluggish. He heard a voice in his head soothing and calming. His rage began to subside, the slew of sharks were actually speaking to him. Some of the slew swam around him, and Aukai sensed them and recognized the behavior. They were sizing him up, ready for a meal, or at least to strike. Then what must have been the largest Tiger Shark he's ever seen swam through the slew. Its voice was thunderous and he could feel it to his core. "Fangs of Darkness sang the Sea's songs and the tales of this slew. You fought by his side, with no regard for yourself. You both fought as warriors, defending the sea. He fell, and chose YOU to continue the song." The others began to swim away into the darkness, and the great one spoke, "Swim with us. Sing our Song." Aukai swam with the great shark, and began his first steps into his new life.


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"I wold like more time to get to know him. He's the first Bitten I've come in contact with and I want to understand his position within the Rokea." - Priscilla Lamnidae
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