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Apex of Raleigh NC

Heart & Soul

Life: Teacher
Legend: Judgemental

Notable Traits

Blind: By all appearances, Aura looks to be visually blind, her eyes completely white.
Curious: Aura is quick to sieze new knowledge related to her interests.
Distant: Aura speaks quietly unless agitated or excited.
Disdain: Aura gives off the air of one who detests casual encounters.


Aura tends to be clear spoken, and often a bit curt. When working with clientele, she is often a bit softer, but this is a side of her not generally seen by many others. Her circle of trust is very small, and even they know surprisingly little about the woman in comparison to what one might expect of those spending so much time around her.

Those that know Aura tend to note when her calm disposition becomes further intensified. She gains a certain level of chill that seems more brought-on, responding calmly to things that would normally set her off. She may even seem downright friendly.

Aura appears to be in her early 30s, black hair either framing her face or flipped to one side to expose the shaved left side depending on her level of need for professionalism at the time. Her naturally pale complexion is set off in stark contrast to her dark hair and the deep reds and purples she often uses to paint her lips and adorn her eyes. At meeting Aura, one would generally assume her to be quite blind, the pupils and irises of her eyes faded to almost the same white as the surrounding sclera. Yet, when not keeping up appearances, she appears to have no trouble discerning her surroundings or the people around her. One might note that she has a tendency to look at those who are speaking as they do so when she is validly interested in a conversation. Aura's physique is made up of lithe, corded muscle. What she lacks in mass, she clearly makes up for in maneuverability. She dresses in fairly simple garments - slacks or skirts, buttoned or loose fitting blouses and tank tops, and generally heels or sandals of some kind. She is often found wearing several necklaces - the shined and glossed skull of a small bird, a flower made up of chain links, and a string of various black and white stones that shine with the light.

For scouting, known combat, or covert ops, she dresses in an all black catsuit, the material breathable and easy to maneuver in. The rest of the time here, she is dressed in a simple black skirt and flowered purple/gray top with a mostly open back, buttons holding it together every so often.

The Horror that accompanies Aura appears akin to a Drider or Arachne. Her body is that of a large black spider with the torso and head of a human woman with long, black hair. She seems most comfortable in the dark, alert to the sound and movements around her.


  • Aura refers to the Horror bonded with her as 'My Queen'. She worships that thing.
  • I hear she eats the hearts of her victims.
  • I heard it was just the hearts of Angels and Heroes...
  • Is she dating the college professor?
  • Yours Here



  • "Always a delight to see her visit. And was glad she could help with the passing of Princess." - Drake
  • "In literature the spider motif usually symbolizes Intelligence, Patience, Stoicism, Kindness, and a territorial nature. I don't know her as well as I'd like, but on the surface these traits feel appropriate. I worry though how much of that is her Beast nature and how much of that is just her personality. I hope she's happy at least." - Key





Enemies and Rivals


Player: Liz N

Location: NC-006-D Wisterian Nightmares

Storyteller James Foster

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