Aureliano Stefano Giovanni

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Character Information

Name: Aureliano Stefano Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Born: 1808 Nizza, Kingdom of Sardinia (modern-day Nice, France)
Embraced: April 4th, 1848
Generation: 9th
Lineage: da Canali
Notable interests: Necromancy, arcanism, computer science, statecraft
Noticeable traits: Stocky, bearded, obviously corpse-like

Information Known by Kindred Society

Information Known to those with Independence Alliance/Giovanni Lore: Aureliano only recently became a public figure, named Doyen of Baton Rouge in 2011, at the foundation of the Alliance. Little is known about his time as a neonate. This Ancilla is known to experiment with esoteric applications of Necromancy.

General Timeline

  • 1860s moved to Baton Rouge to remain with most of his Lineage
  • 2011 Became Doyen of Baton Rouge


  • Niccolo Giovanni - 5th
    • Matteo da Canali Giovanni - 6th
      • Federigo da Canali Giovanni - 7th, grandsire
        • Stella da Canali Giovanni - 8th, sire



Possible curiosities

  • Obviously on a Path of Enlightenment.


  • He's been seen talking with Anarchs.
  • His Beast stirs in rage when the Sabbat is mentioned.
  • He has been seen making open overtures of aid to the Pisanob branch of the Family.


  • "Aureliano was quite a rebellious scamp though he has grown into quite a brilliant leader." - Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni
  • "I finally feel at home thanks to him. Things are looking good." - Sofia Giovanni


OOC Information


Player: Richard Kemp

MES Number: US2011037515

Storyteller: Kaci St. Romain

Storyteller Email:

Location: Baton Rouge, LA