Aurellian di Giovanni

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"Death is the opera. Life is the overture."

Notable Traits: An elegant corpse stuffed into fine clothes and allowed to walk around with the living. However, when in his presence, ethereal, dirge-like music can frequently be heard, almost always sensed as emanating from a nearby room or structure. While this is certainly eerie, it sometimes seems to surge into Romantic blasts when he grows annoyed, or pathetic in the classical sense when he's sad. Some claim to hear Debussy, others hear Mahler, and still others hear Liszt. Those about to die nearly always hear a grim pipe organ tolling their demise.


Sire: Cassius Giovanni

Broodmates: Domitian di Giovanni

Known Biography

The vampire known as Aurellian di Giovanni is apparently distantly related to the Rosselini clan as a mortal, but after his embrace is known to be Sanguo Unico, despite his outward appearance of being truly and obviously dead. Despite whispers that he is a Cappadocian, he hasn't always been as corpse-like as he is now, leading some to theorize he is cursed by unknown agents. First emerging in the Mid-West shortly following the Civil War, Aurellian is known to have been a battlefield surgeon during some of the worst and bloodiest battles, and his expertise in anatomy and medical practice is highly regarded among the Giovanni. Some, although not all, refer to him as "The Surgeon", although he seems to shun the appellation "Doctor".

In the late 19th century and through to the crash of 1929, Aurellian di Giovanni and his identical twin brother, Domitian di Giovanni, operated a successful vaudeville theater in St. Louis. Tragically, it was torched to the ground shortly after the Depression began, and the two twins separated, each blaming the other. Domitian became involved in the mob, while Aurellian disappeared entirely, occasionally popping up in Giovanni held domains occasionally, always on the move. He did, however, always pay his Blood Tithe on time, when requested, and eventually was discovered in the funeral city outside San Francisco, providing very well chosen skinsuit zombies for Giovanni all over the country.

In 2017, Aurellian appeared in Olympia, ostensibly to "claim" an abandoned IA domain in Lacey, Washington. However, his managerial skills have never been the best, and he is quite content to focus on his necromancy and let the businesses slide. His magical capability is second to none in the region, which is why he seems allowed to focus on this detail to the exclusion of all others.


- During the late 19th century, the two names to mention among the rising stars of the Giovanni were the two Di Giovanni twins, Aurellian and Domitian. They were major players in the Western States, their interests spanning from St. Louis to Los Angeles. And then, late one night in the year 1929, their holdings were torched to the ground by unknown enemies.

- Aurellian is a showman. He loves big entrances, explosive narratives, and building legends around himself. However, the context of the show is and always has been... darkly sadistic.

- Somewhere along the line, he dropped out of Giovanni culture to study some of the darker aspects of Necromancy. He disappeared for the majority of the 20th century, emerging from an unknown location in Northern California a completely different vampire than when he left. Many had believed he had died during the Week of Nightmares, but that is not the truth. Whatever it was that has brought Aurellian di Giovanni out of his tomb was deliberate.

- There's something... wrong with Aurellian di Giovanni. While delving into the dark side, he seems to have picked up some unpleasant habits and curses. Time will tell if these are simple quirks or signs of a much broader disease.


THE CAMARILLA: A damn shame that didn't work out.

THE INDEPENDENT ALLIANCE: Second sisters are rarely asked to the ball.

THE SABBAT: Wrong questions asked.

MORTALS: Death is wasted on those who can die.

WEREWOLVES: Never a concern.

MAGES: Rarely interesting.

GIOVANNI: We do what we must because we're the only ones who know what waits.

ASSAMITES: Oh, to be perpetually in the PRESENT! What a marvelous gift that would be.

TREMERE: Respect their methods, disregard their answers.

Character Inspiration

- Robert-Houdin, 19th century stage magician

- Steerpike, from "Gormenghast"


- Domitian di Giovanni: His identical twin.

OOC Information

Player: Kenneth Max Brooks

Location: Olympia, Washington

Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
City: Olympia, WA
Player: Kenneth