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Bad Decision Island (The Austin Masquerade VSS)

VSS Boundaries: Travis, Williamson, Bastrop and Burnet Counties
VST Name: Daniel Briscoe
VST Email:
Domain Code: Austin, TX-065-D

City Type: Jointly Controlled by Camarilla and Six small Anarch Baronies
Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Autarkis group know as “XCI”. Openly Sabbat characters are not permitted per the Setting rules.
Sect Boundaries: Camarilla controls the city of Austin. But surrounding towns are controlled by the Anarch movement
Theme: Jyhad
Mood: Paranoia and Uncertainty
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

“Never underestimate the King of Hell, darling. I know a lot of swell tricks.” -Crowley

For decades the Anarch Movement held Austin as an example of Anarchs being able to work together and live in peace and stability. But in the years leading up to the new Millennium tensions and feuds began to grow and it seemed that war was inevitable between the seven Anarch Baronies. Then in 1999 with the Red Star fresh in the sky a Ventrue Elder by the name of Tiberius Burke seized control of the city proper for the Tower. Between being supported by XCI and the prospect of war with the other Baronies no one contested his seizure. In the following decade the Prince brought some stability back to the region and even agreed to sign the Unity Accords. Now the region exists in balance with the Tower holding Austin and the Anarchs holding everything around it.

City Timeline:

  • 1933--The small Camarilla presence leaves Austin for the comforts of the big cities during the Great Depression
  • 1933--Nine Anarch Gangs go to war for control of the fledgling city and its surrounding territories
  • 1934-- During the early years of the Austin Anarch war it was discovered that the gang Los Maleantes was in fact a Sabbat Pack scouting Austin as a good location for a Crusade. In a rare showing of unity the other eight pack temporarily banded together to eliminate Los Maleantes. One member of Los Maleantes managed to survive and escape to San Marcos. With the Sabbat threat gone the Anarch resumed their war with each Gang trying to gain and hold Los Maleantes territory.
  • 1940--The Anarchs end their war and the Seven remaining gangs sign the Unity Accords the signing was mediated by “XCI”.
  • 1995--Tensions and conflict began to rise between the Baronies; the primary instigators are The Pioneers who are the largest Barony and control central Austin.
  • 1999-- The Red Star appears in the sky
  • 1999-- Just when it seems open war will engulf the Baronies and destroy the Unity Accords the Camarilla returns to Austin lead by Ventrue Elder Tiberius Burke. With his forces he brutally eliminates The Pioneers taking control of central Austin. Before any of the other Baronies have a chance to react he seizes control of the rest of city pushing out the Anarchs that previously held those areas. Now Prince Tiberius Burke, signs the Unity Accords backed by the Autarkis group collectively called “XCI”. Unwilling to face the wrath of XCI no Barony challenges the new development with all of them too wrapped up in the rising tension.
  • 2008-- Fall. Internal fighting breaks out amongst the Piano Men. Conflict spills over to the mortal world resulting in some structural damage and some loss of life. Piano Men loose and Pflugerville Barony is taken over by the Midnight Society.
  • 2009--Prince Burke holds a grand ball to celebrate ten years of stability under his reign. Tragedy struck while Prince Burke was addressing the region. An unnatural Darkness swept through the gathering leaving behind the Ashes of The Prince, Senechal, Sheriff, and the Tremere, Malkavian, Toreador and Ventrue Primogen. The other members of the Primogen Council missing. In the wake of the Chaos an Ancilla seized Praxis, Coen Baanard of clan Toreador.

Groups in Austin

  • XCI: (Autarkis) Not much is know about who this group is, rumor says that there are seven of them. They control a block centered on The Driskill Hotel. The Hotel is used as a neutral territory by all and recognised as an Elysium. Travel to and from the Driskill is held and sanctified. All violations of their Domain or edicts are met with death.
  • Guns and Gals: (Anarch) Controls the Georgetown Barony staunch allies of 130.
  • Midnight Society: (Anarch) Controls the Pflugerville Barony.
  • Public Enemies: (Anarch) Controls the Bastrop Barony. Rumored to have connections with Werewolves. Tends to be hot headed.
  • Los Cujos: (Anarch) Controls the Barony of Hutto. Smallest and weakest of the Anarch Baronies.
  • Torre caída: (Anarch) Controls the Barony of Elgin
  • 130: (Anarch) Strongest of the Anarch Baronies they control Round Rock. Allied with Guns and Gals.
  • Unity Accords (Local Treaty Only)

Storyteller Notes

  • CCD: A CCD will be required for Uncommon, Rare and Restricted Clans along with anything that calls for an Approval above Low.
  • Parking Lot: Players outside the domain of Austin seeking to attach a character to the Austin VSS must speak to the VST directly. Approval is at VST discretion. These character will not be eligible for anything requiring an approval above Low.
  • Downtimes: Downtimes are due 8 days before game. Influence actions will be resolved after the due date. Downtimes will be processed that weekend and returned to players as soon as possible. Late downtimes will not be accepted without prior VST approval.
  • Character Sheet: A physical copy of your character sheet is required, this can be a handwritten sheet with VST approval.
  • Proxies:
    • Proxy Out: If you wish to proxy out you must send a proxy request 48 hours ahead of time. This is to give the VST time to respond. All proxy emails must include the Austin VST and the ST whose domain you are proxying too, character sheets, and at least a sentence stating your intent. “I am leaving Austin and proxing to XyZ.” is fine. VSt will respond with approval or not approved depending whether or not there are actions in play to hinder travel of characters.
    • Proxy In: Proxing into Austin requires an email 48 hours in advance to give the VST time to respond. All incoming proxies require an email that includes your local ST and the Austin VST, Character Sheet, and at least a sentence stating your intent. Austin VST will respond to inform you if the proxy has been accepted or if denied why.
    • Warm Body Policy: In order to proxy into a live game you must have a member of the MES in good standing physically present to portray your character. They may only play the proxy character that night. They may not switch between multiple characters. To Warm Body proxy in you must follow the Proxy In guidelines and include the person who will be portraying your character in the email.
  • City Positions: In order to hold a position in the VSS that grants Abiding Status that character must be on the Austin VSS. This includes Whips since they will hold Abiding Status if the Primogen is not present. But this policy does not apply to Talons or the Sheriff's deputies.
  • Attendance Policy: If you have an approval on your sheet at or above Mid then you will be subject to the Attendance Policy.
    • If you have a character that has an approval at Mid or higher you must play in at least one Live game in a three month period. If you do not then you will loose your approval. Exceptions can be made by the VST for major life events.
  • Elders Generations: If you plan an Elder generation Character (generation background of 3, 4, or 5) and that characters leaves play you will not be eligible to play another Elder generation character for 6 months. This is to stop someone who has an Elder that dies or retires from just making another and taking the Elder slot that they just held.
    • Elder Caps: I will have a local game of 20% for Elder Generations for start of Chronicle I am basing this off of 60 active players.
  • Hunters: If X amount of Masquerade breaches happen within Y months then Hunter groups will investigate Austin for Y months. Should another Masquerade breach happen while the Hunters are in the Domain then you may be visited on Sunny afternoon by a hunter with a Bulldozer. That breach will also reset the timer for how long the Hunters are in the city.
    • Ear to the Ground: If Hunters are in the Domain and an Anarch has Ear to the Ground merit they may Apply the Hunted Flaw to one character at a time the flaw will last for 1 month with a 2 month cool down.