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What is Known

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Name: Ava Douglas
Aliases: Sen, Shia-no-Tsukiyomi
Tribe: Kitsune
Auspice: Doshi (Theurge)
Rank: Athro
Age: 150
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Current Location: Boston, MA
Sept: Sept of the Eastern Skies
Camp: Wheel Camp
Pack and Position: Qilin
Notable Traits: Fetish Creator, Japanese and Russian.


To mortals, Ava Douglas is a car mechanic. Some would say she has bartered deals with weaver spirits. To Garou and Fera, Ava is a Fetish maker.


Homid Form:
When not working in the garage, Ava wears respectful attire of her culture. She possesses several marks upon her - noting favor by spirits that she has aided. The tips of her fingers are black, often disguised by black filigree rings.

Koto Form:
No one has seen this form.

Kyubi Form:
A black and silver fox.

Character Information


Ava grew up knowing her path. Insistent and determined, the Kitsune overcame her own father's reputation and set true to her course. Bound by spirits, the Doshi seeks answers to the Umbra's secrets.

While she is an Athro, Ava has stayed true to her path, and by that, she does not understand every avenue of life. Though, she does try. When she is not following a spirit, Ava is working on cars in the garage.

Ava is an investigator, a protector, and a hunter of all things spirits. Born in Japan under double 8's, combined with the blessing of the moon, Ava has pushed past all that has stood in her way to ensure she is true to the Laws of Heaven. She takes her time in every action she undertakes - the Kitsune is calculating, cautious, and exceedingly patient.

Notable Actions

1866 - Born on the day, Shogun Iemochi died.
1883 - First change.
1890 - Ava participated in the Rite of the Still Skies.
1890 - 1903 - Vow of Silence.
1905 - Defeated Fomori outside of Osaka, Japan.
1937 - Moves up to Fostern.
1999 - Begins mechanic school.
2008 - Moves up to Adren.
2009 - Participates in the Shigalu Monastery defense. She was greatly wounded in this battle.
2012 - Moves up to Athro.
2013 - Participates in the Northeast Peace Talks for the Fera. She spoke out for those who would not.
2014 - Aids the Nation by fighting in the Battle of Siamese Ponds. She is known to have gathered spirits to aid the fighters.
2016 - Aided a major spirit by releasing it into the garden of Shitennoji Temple.

Known Associates




Fallen Allies



  • "Her calm is contagious." - Tech Support
  • "There's a moment in coding.. where the entire world goes away.. where the code just flows from you, effortless but invigorating. Watching Ava work the Spirits is like that.. she's focused and the magic just flows from her. I'm lucky to know her." - SH4M4N
  • "There are so many words I cannot speak. I would be selfish, telling her why I left and it would seem self-serving at best to speak of it as the gift it truly was. Instead I take pride in the powerful weaver of thunder that she has become and acknowledge that the space between is one created by both of us. She is Doshi, and I...well. I left." - Grace of Heaven
  • "I live in a world of lost heroes and legends who have died standing for Gaia, we have so few left for us to look to when we need advice. I am lucky, Luna and Gaia blessed me with Ava. She has been with me since the moment my mother knew she carried me. She has been with me my whole life. She has bandaged knees, and taught me lessons. She has helped heal broken hearts, and guided me when I have been lost. She is my sister, my balance, my hero." - Katie Roman
  • "If I am one tenth the Kataribe that Ava is Doshi, I have done Luna proud. If I am one tenth the Kitsune that Ava is, I have done my duty to Gaia. She is an inspiration and I am honored to have learned from her." - Reverie Jones
  • "Ava...you deserved so much better, in your life. I cannot speak for your father's actions, but know this - you are dear to me, even if you are not of my blood. I am ever your ally, and I am proud of the Doshi you have become. As I knew you would, the day I watched you choose the Thunder." - Inara Elwyn


  • In her long life, Ava has only loved one.
  • A spirit consumed her soul.
  • She was tricked into working on cars - and shall do so until she can solve the weaver's riddle.
  • She holds the key to the Gate of Heaven.
  • Ava has so many deals with spirits that even she cannot keep up.

Basic Information

Player: Laura Dasnoit
Auspice: Doshi
Tribe: Kitune
Breed: Kojin
Faction: None
Domain: Boston
DST: Krista Parker
IC Email: Laura