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This character has been retired. Please direct all inquiries to a Storyteller.

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

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Homid Name: John Raptunovich
Deed Name: "Crushing Avalanche," most commonly called "Avalanche"
Rank and Positions: Adren
Society: Sanctum of Gaia
Sept: Sept of the Last Breath
Homid: Avalanche is a non-descript Caucasian man in his mid 30s, dark-haired and winter pale. He wears durable but inexpensive clothing of no particular style. Cold weather doesn't seem to effect him, and eschews extra layers in even the most miserable days of winter. Avalanche rarely shows much emotion, and speaks little.
Crinos: His Crinos form is encased in thick layers of bitterly frigid rime ice which flows with his movements, unmelting even in the fiercest heat. The the air around his sturdy-looking form is perpetually cold. His eyes gleam pale blue through the thinner ice covering them. (Avatar of Wendigo).
Lupus: Avalanche appears as an Arctic wolf, white of fur except for a subtle silver mask around his mournful pale blue eyes. With his bulk and thick coat, he could be mistaken for a pointy-eared polar bear.


Avalanche was born in 1980 to Maria Raptunovich, a Homid Wendigo who fled their Sept, leaving behind the newborn Metis cub, never to be seen again. His father's identity remains unknown. Raised by his mother's Sept, Avalanche was called "Cuckoo" as an unkind reference to being a Metis born of a mother who had been thought to bear the seed of her kinfolk mate. He shed the name only when achieving his first change, whereupon he was dubbed "Crushing Avalanche" for his tendency to leap upon his opponents, pinning them under his bulk, leaving the dead a frozen mass of shredded flesh and bone. The identity "John Raptunovich" was created and remains used only to interact with mortal bureaucracy, and isn't one he answers to readily.
Avalanche's position in his Sept was often tenuous. A parentless Metis cub was one raised begrudgingly. He is aware there were more than a few voices who called for the spawn to be put down, especially when his Crinos form manifested its icy shell, dangerous to friend and foe and alike, in his fourth winter of life. Typically, he served the role of silently enduring omega to the more traditionally-minded of his Sept. Mostly he tried to be as invisible as possible, doing his duties without complaint, disintereted with earning himself Renown or special recognition. Accordingly, it wasn't until the horrors of the Age of Apocalypse threatened the world and his Sept did he truly step up and earn more than a position on the fringes of Garou society.
He earned the rank of Adren in 2010, in recognition for his brutal determination in protecting the Sept's Caern. Though the Caern fell like so many others, Avalanche was credited with saving the lives of both the Wyrmfoe and Truthcatcher. Some decried Avalanche for being more concerned with protecting the territory of the Caern rather than the members of the Sept, though most acknowledged the Wendigo was merely a convenient target for the tremendous grief suffered by the Sept. He bore both accolades and condemnations with his typical stoicism.
In 2011, Avalanche was among the members of the Sept who successfully fought to reclaim the territory which was lost to the Wyrm in 2010.
In 2013, Avalanche answered the call to the Northeastern Peace Talks. He declined his opportunity to speak as part of the Adren cohort, but was present as an observer of every step of the talks.
In 2014, Avalanche was among the front-line fighters in the Battle of Siamese Ponds. He was assigned the duty of pulling down the more dangerous threats so that they could be torn apart without reaching the more vulnerable combatants. He acquitted himself well, though he politely declined the Rite of Wounding for even the most impressive of the damage he sustained.
Avalanche joined the pack called Neighbood Watch in 2014. While he wasn't among the founding members, his amicable interactions and cooperation with the pack led them to extend the invitation. Some joke he was added to the pack to meet their quota for Metis and the Sanctum of Gaia.
He was also involved in the protection and planting of the Shard Seed from the Sept of Glass Steel later that year. During the Rite of Acceptance, he accepted the position of Guardian, the first time he had held a Sept position, though he had been commanded into the position repeatedly and briefly before.

Rumours, Facts, and Opinions

  • "Norman Davies said it best 'The one certainty for anyone in the path of an avalanche is this: standing still is not an option.' Should you find yourself in the way of our Avalanche, my only advice to you is this.. Run. Run and Pray that you are faster than his fury." ~SH4M4N
  • "For a man with that particular deed name, Avalanche is one of the more even-tempered of the Garou I've met. Would I want to be the chap who causes that temper to snap, and be the target of his wrath? Not a bloody chance in all the hells, thank you.. ." Kieran McNamara
  • "Your words here." You

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