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Commonly Known Information

"When you are not fed love on a silver spoon, you learn to lick it off of knives"
- Lauren Eden
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Name: Avery Barnes

Sire: Kaden

Clan: Malkavian (Neonate)

Sect: Anarch

Born: 1862

Ghouled: 1885

Embraced: December 2018

Notable Traits: A habit for wandering around without shoes and random outbursts of laughter


"I met evil when I was only a child..."

Born in London, 1862.

Committed to an asylum at age of 12 in 1874.

Became a ghoul to Kaden in 1885.

They travel around Europe for the next 20 or so years, not really settling or getting attached to anything.

They moved to Canada in the early 1900s where they stay for more than 90 years.

Flee back to Europe in 2008 to avoid rising unrest among the Kindred.

Returned to Canada in 2018.

Sired by Kaden in December 2018, three nights after returning from the Longest Night Ball in Seattle.

Becomes the Ambassador of the Surrey Anarch State in BC, Canada in February of 2019. Quits the job abruptly in May 2019.

Moves to Seattle in June of 2019 after a violent attack that leaves her in bad condition.


  • The Setites intend to poach her.
  • She is blood bound to a Setite


"I really only have room for one person in my life, at a time, who is desperately trying to destroy herself in a way she can pretend it's not her own doing. And the position was already filled before this chick came along." - Jentry Nix
"She's resilient, as you can see from all she's suffered. But there's only so many times you can piece a broken mirror back together before it simply cannot function. To survive, she'll have to learn to be less generous with her trust. I hope she learns before she cracks for the last time." - Viktor Petrov
"She is a wonderful friend to those she deems as her friends. There is so much I wish to help her with. She is one of the few I deem to be the best, outside of my family. I do hope we make your goals a reality." - Fernie Cherrywood
"I eagerly await the night in the not too distant future, when you discover too late that the precious, sweet fledgling is anything but weak." - Meg Sloan
"I kind of want to put her in a jar and study her. I think we could be great friends, I mean, who doesn't love me? People who claim they aren't in love with you are just playing coy. So, keep playing coy Avery, you and I both know the real story." - Mordechai
"What many see as a creature as fragile as a porcelain doll, lies a great strength and potential" - William Buchanan
"A runaway train that hopes that the Camarilla can save her from herself. I hope she learns that two hundred years a ghoul isn't the educational equivalent of even one night in the head of a Malkavian -- and seeks an appropriate Accounting from a fine Elder of her Clan who can help her build the scaffolding she seeks." - Jimmy Kincaid
"Avery has a good heart. Her passion and ideals belong in the Movement. She helped keep us honest. But she really needs to spend some time on self-reflection. I expected a higher capacity for patience, empathy, and forgiveness given her age and the choices she makes with her own life. Or at least the clarity to see she was walking right into a trap. I hope she realizes her mistake before the Tower’s hooks get so deep she can’t get them out again." - Jo Harris
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OOC Information

Player: Stephanie (Faye) Harris

Player Email: faenaria@gmail.com

Storyteller: Corrigan Cassidy

Storyteller Email: navstm1@gmail.com

Location: Vancouver, BC