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"Knowledge will forever be the Light by which I guide my life and my actions."

“It is in the pursuit of knowledge that I am free.”



Confirmed as an Ancilla
Noble as the Seneschal


Honorable by Luminary Elder Anadia Hughes
Courageous by his actions (ST Award)

Clan Brujah


Progeny of

Broodmate of

Sire of
(None at this time)

Progenitor of
(None at this time)

Names & Aliases Anthony Daniels, Goes by Axiom
Lineage d'Vergobret
Known As A Brujah, a Loremaster, and an Ancilla of the Camarilla
Whereabouts Colorado Springs

Known by the Camarilla

Axiom is a loremaster focused more on the various clans. He is always on the lookout for information of the other clans and is willing to trade knowledge for such.
Axiom is unimpressed with the Anarch movement and considers the group to be a Tyranny of the Masses.
Seneschal of Colorado Springs, CO

Known by the Brujah

Firm believer that the Brujah belong in the Camarilla


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"Tyranny of the Masses is one of the Worst Tyrannies to combat." ~ Axiom

Rumors and Lies

Axiom is a secret Anarch agitator

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Player Information
Name: Felix B.
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Membership: US2006088311
Domain: CO-015-D
Storyteller Colorado Springs VST

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