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Axion Attonborough.jpg

This is why they fear us.

Character Description


Name: Full Name: Axion Albert Attonborough

Notable Traits: Always wears black leather gloves, Married to Nova

Union: Mercenary.

Society: Wealthy, current CEO for the Nightstone Casino.

Supernatural Type: Werewolf

Home Port: Wayfinder Station, at the NightStone Casino.

Place of Birth: The Bloody Talon, Spacer.

Pack: Vengeance of Luna



Gender: Male

Apparent Age: late Thirties

Height: Just under 6 foot

Hair: Dark Hair

Eyes: Blue



Friendly, looks to keep people he sees as “good” close. He has been known to fly into blind fits of rage at the sight of violence to friends and, in some cases, animals. He likes to think he upholds justice, but more likely than not could be just gullible.

History As Told By Him

So I was born on a Mining ship in Core space to the family Attonborough, which I can only assume is a mighty lineage of hunters and warriors, seeking new creatures in the wild to fight. The ship was named The Bloody Talon, and my dad was so happy with that.

Mom kept me close growing up, and tried to shelter me from a hard life. That changed when I turned 21, and Dad started training me for Martial Arts. A few years later, I joined the Military. I was mostly dealing with Space missions for a few years, until my first planet side mission. My first time on any planet, and it was during the full moon. I remember going to engage some local pirates by flanking...then I don't remember much. I was jailed by the next morning by my own platoon, being accused of trying to hide being a werewolf, and court martial was held for a year. The court deemed that I did not know my heritage and allowed me to discharge from the military.

Upon my release, I learned that my grandfather had died, and left me a large sum of money, but had to wait until 4100.

Not long after, I took a job and left my family as a Salvager, and did that until 4100, when my inheritence came in. I then decided to fully settle on Wayfinder station, and live off my money and invest in businesses on the station, living off that. Currently, I am invested in a bar, a janitor service, and a mercenary group. You can find me most of the time on the station, and hardly ever on planet, as I get Planet Sick.

Public Information

Axwolf.jpg Friendly, looks to keep people he sees as “good” close.
Axwolf.jpg He has been known to fly into blind fits of rage at the sight of violence to friends and, in some cases, animals.
Axwolf.jpg He likes to think he upholds justice, but more likely than not could be just gullible.


Axwolf.jpg Rumor has it, he is allergic to some narcotics.
Axwolf.jpgRumor is, if he could control it better, he would always be shifted.
Axwolf.jpgRumor is he hates being planet side because he murdered a lot of people in cold blood.
Axwolf.jpgRumor is Axion might become a dragon tamer someday.
Axwolf.jpgRumor is that Axion smiles to hide his true intention, Genocide.
Axwolf.jpgRumor is he loves being a lap dog
Axwolf.jpgSuch a Good boy... Who's a good boy? ... you are yes you.
Axwolf.jpgAxion has a ticklish spot, but he won't tell where.
Axwolf.jpgAxion's favourite toy is a MASSIVE pink wolf plush.
Axwolf.jpgHas more money than the Spire. Who do you think funds the Spire?
Axwolf.jpgRumor is he likes to "play" with magic, if you know what I mean...
Axwolf.jpg He does it upside down.
Axwolf.jpg Desires the taste of exotic meats.
Axwolf.jpg(Feel free to add your own)

Quotes by Axion

Axwolf.jpg “Good men sitting idly by is how evil takes root.”
Axwolf.jpg “I’ll take another drink!”
Axwolf.jpg "This is why they fear us, one bad incident travels faster than light."
Axwolf.jpg "Oh god, not planet side, anything but planet side!"
Axwolf.jpg "FROST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Axwolf.jpg(Feel free to add your own)

Bloody Talon

Bloody Talon.jpg

The Bloody Talon is Axions family ship, passed down through the generations. It has an Onboard A.I. that helps navigate named Phoenix. The notable part (Not shown in the picture) is the front right landing gear being blood red. Even though it can land in atmosphere, the ship rarely goes planet side.

Quotes About Axion

Axwolf.jpg - " Much nice when Iskra, meet at treat stand. Happy to help find place to live. "Iskra
Axwolf.jpg - "The kind of spoiled savage who believes we all exist for his amusement. His choice of company will only make it worse." - Evander Katharos
Axwolf.jpg - "Being packed to my mate made him an ally. Being who he is made him a friend." - Ehroth
Axwolf.jpg - "He's always more interesting once you get to know him. This one will always surprise you." Quasar
Axwolf.jpg - "Smiles with a consistency of 94% during the time that I have observed." Tristan Katharos
Axwolf.jpg - "The stars burn brighter when he's around. My love for him burns just as bright." Nova
Axwolf.jpg - "Axion seeks to improve the Wayfinder. Even if I knew nothing else about him that would be enough." Magnus Duskthorne
Axwolf.jpg - "This pup is a dreamer ... it'll be a shame to shatter them...good thing he likes chew toys." Socket
Axwolf.jpg - "A soldier in search of a war, a soul in search of meaning, may he find both and become the being he is truly meant to be." Fabien Phist
Axwolf.jpg - "Friend. Pack. Family." ELYL
Axwolf.jpg - "Babies,'s...twins!" Nova
Axwolf.jpg - "Castration is always an option." Adley Traze
Axwolf.jpg (Feel free to add yourself)

Friends, allies, and others

Axwolf.jpg Hafal-Ur
Axwolf.jpg Quasar
Axwolf.jpg Elyl
Axwolf.jpg Iskra
Axwolf.jpg Alek
Axwolf.jpg Ehroth
Axwolf.jpg Nova
Axwolf.jpg Adley Traze
Axwolf.jpg Zellebrium Prox
Axwolf.jpg Magnus Duskthorne
Axwolf.jpg (Feel free to add yourself)

Music and Themes

Axwolf.jpg (If Axion were in an Anime)
Axwolf.jpg (Axion showing off in a fight)
Axwolf.jpg (Someone sang this once, he liked it)
Axwolf.jpg ("My love, when things look the darkest, when all hope is lost, I will be there. And I will be all the hope you need.)
Axwolf.jpg ("I feel both the pull of the wolf, and the needs of man. And neither side is ever quiet.)

OOC Information

Player: Mark Landkammer



Story Teller: Kelsey Greene


Original Code by Cali