Ayisha Jocastian

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  • Alternative Names: Ayisha Jocastian, The Jocastatian, Evelyn Yermakova, Randi Austin
  • Embrace date: 1922
  • Generation: 8th through diablerie
  • Clan: Malkavian
  • Sire: Sennacherib
  • Affiliation: Red List
  • Current Location: Unknown
  • ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade

General Information

Obsessed with the idea of Gehenna, turned her back on the Camarilla, and felt that the Sabbat was not worth her effort, either. Instead, she described herself as self-proclaimed nihilist who favored anarchy and chaos over the stagnant balance between Kindred and kine. Ayisha was responsible for the wide distribution of the Book of Nod among the vampiric population, after Aristotle de Laurent assembled his first book. She killed one of the associates of de Laurent's adopted childe, Beckett, and assumed its identity to convince him to turn against de Laurent and recruit her to print and spread the Book. Instead of only printing 200 exemplars for a chosen group of respected scholars, Ayisha shipped wildly and without regard for the Masquerade. Tonight, the original book has even been available as an ebook, much to the frustration of the Camarilla. Therefore, elders of the Ventrue clan named to the Red List, in 1998.

Titles and Accolades

Red Listed

Known Childer

  • None Known

Past Locations

  • Unknown

Privileged Information

Malkavian Lore:

  • According to a private journal found in Tripoli that has since been claimed by the Ventrue, Ayisha did diablerize her sire because she believed that his blood would provide her with the answers she sought. Since that time she has acted more erratic, leading some to believe that another, more powerful Malkavian (perhaps Louhi) uses Ayisha as his mouthpiece.

Hunter Lore:

  • Ayisha grew up on Cyprus during the days of the Ottoman occupation. Ayisha was a rebellious child and left her home to leave her island. Her attempts, however, resulted in an unwilling membership in a satanic cult (which was a secret blood cult of a vampire), which sparked her obsession with the occult. Ayisha was able to decipher the lies the vampires of the cult had created and proved resilient to their attempts to manipulating her mind. Instead of killing her, the head of the cult struck a bargain with her: In exchange for killing the Malkavian Sennacherib of Damascus, they would help her to leave Cyprus. Ayisha agreed and was sent to Damascus, where her presence sparked the interest of the Malkavian, who defeated the assassins sent alongside the girl. He Embraced her, only to find that the special protection she had against supernatural influences had vanished after the act.


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