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“If one could always predict the future, this person would soon be the saddest being on earth, for it cannot be surprised nor could it stop thinking of making a difference.”

Ravnos Symbol.png

General Info

Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Unaligned

Notable Traits: Clearly on a Path

Song: BU2B - Rush



Brannon "Little Raven"
Thomas O'Shaw
Jaime Mendoza



1892: Born, England [Pending DPoTM approval]
1917: Married in secret to Collin O'Shaw
1918: Brannon is Embraced (Ravnos), Collin is Embraced (Giovanni)
1919: Ayla is Embraced (Ravnos)
1920: Dark Wings Carnival and O'Shaw family arrive in America
1924: Settle in Louisiana
1930: Dark Wings Carnivale established as a permanent fixture in Natchitoches, LA
1933: O'Shaw Brothers shipping company established
1999: Camarilla Prince Gale Lacaze murdered by Sabbat
♠ Week of Nightmares
2001: Sabbat claim Natchitoches
2014: Thomas O'Shaw Giovanni wipes out Sabbat, claims Natchitoches for the Alliance
♦ Collin O'Shaw Giovanni killed

Little Raven and the Dove

Paradoxart.jpg Although I bear witness to the happenings of the world before they ever come to pass, I find that life somehow always manages to twist itself into something I could never imagine. That's the Paradox, I should know better than to expect more, but I'm not the one that takes fate lying down. No, that's the Raven. Although, truthfully, we are simply two sides of the same coin. We are each what the other is not. It's something we are very familiar with, and yet something that my brother has never been able to fully stomach. But again, that's the Paradox. It rules us all, but the grip it holds on us is stronger than most.

It seems that the only time my brother has manged to get ahead was at birth. For a few minutes, he was free. But as my cries joined his in the world of the living, our fates were decided. While I am the light, he is the dark. I never noticed it growing up. The Carnival is safe. We were protected. Although, admittedly, maybe it's not in the nature of the dove to see the suffering of the raven. Maybe it's the raven's nature to make sure the dove doesn't have to suffer as he does. Whatever the case, we were happy. Happy in a way that only the carefree gypsy can be. My brother took to the con, and I to the cards. Between us, the world was our oyster. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Our parents felt the call of eternity, and then it was just us. Brannon took charge until he felt the call of king and country, and then it was just me. I was just a girl, truthfully. I had always had an older brother to watch after me. My other half had always been there.

Although he blames me, the irony of the world is that Brannon caused me to stray from the family in a way. That's the Paradox. I was alone. I had to grow up. Lead our people while he was away. I became just independent enough to make my own choices, and that would be Brannon's undoing. Our families did business together, mine and Collin's. More than that, our familes were family. The kind of family forged in the mud and filth of the trenches at the Somme, if not by real blood. Collin was on leave when I met him at the docks that night. He shouldn't have been there, by all accounts. But then again, neither should I. If Brannon was home, he would have been there, not me. Yet there we both were. I knew my brother had a soldier friend called O'Shaw, I assumed he was of the same family that we dealt with. Everyone went to war, after all. I never expected that I would run into him that night. But I did. And I haven't looked back since he shot me a cocky, self-satisfied grin and told me he could beat me in any card game I wished. I took his money, and he threw in his heart as a bonus.

Fortuneteller.png Brannon loved Collin, but he couldn't handle me loving him too. Again, the Raven signed his own death sentence because the fact that Brannon loved him only made me love Collin more. That's the Paradox. My brother blames me for leaving, for abandoning the family. The reality is that much of this is his doing. The reality is that when I accepted Collin's proposal and expanded my family, Brannon cut off his. He shunned a man that had become his brother. He condemned the sister that had never done anything but love him. I didn't leave the family. He pushed me out.

By this point, I was alone in mortality. That was the final straw, I think. Were Collin not Embraced Giovanni, then I think we could have worked things out. But Brannon was Ravnos, and Collin was not. I was caught in the middle. Perhaps I might have been Embraced Giovanni, eventually. Who can say? I think Brannon feared that, feared me getting closer to another clan, particularly one known for business like theirs. It was night, Collin was out for the evening while I slept as the human I was. It was easy for my sire to sneak in and do the deed. My brother thought that it would bring me home. He is a fool. By trying to keep me in his life, he cast me out. That's the Paradox.

Things were rocky for a while, but time heals all wounds. The light cannot exist without the dark. Things settled down. Things were good. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I begged Collin not to go to war. When begging didn't work, I bargained. When bargaining didn't work, I threatened. When threatening didn't work, he stormed out. It was the last time I would see him, the whole and complete him. Seeing the future does not protect you from it, I have learned. When all things were said and done, my brother answered the call for help. For that, I promised to come home. Collin still haunts me, but even though I can speak to him, I can't touch him. I can't feel him. He is there, but he's not. That's the Paradox. Brannon still doesn't understand that I can have family and loyalty in both camps. That's the paradox. For everything I did, I ended up right back where I started, in the carnival with the Little Raven watching over me. And that, my friends, that's the Paradox.



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Two Truths and (at Least One) Lie

♠ Ayla's oracular ability is what saved she and her family from the Week of Nightmares.
♥ Her club, Idle Hands, is actually a front for Sabbat activity in North Louisiana.
♦ She has more insight into the fall of the Camarilla in Natchitoches than she would make it seem.
♣ She and her brother both tell (usually conflicting) fortunes. It is unknown which of them is the liar.

Player Information
Name: Katie G.
Email: crcarnivale.dc@gmail.com
Membership: US2017005015
Storyteller John S.
ST Email: crcarnivale.st@gmail.com

OOC Information

If you are interested in ties, I am too! Please contact me! We did, and still do, a lot of IC traveling, so geographical location is not an issue. Ideal dates for American-based kindred: 1930 - Current. Friends and business are always welcome!

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