Aysel J. Scott

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  • 1096 - 1112 CE - Mortal/Ghoul Years
  • 1225 CE - Embrace Date
  • 1391-1493 CE - Anarch Revolt
  • 1400s CE - No Ties Currently
  • 1500s CE - Traveling Europe Mostly
  • 1590-2000s CE - Torpor Years
  • 1999 CE - The Red Star
  • 2005 CE - The Ennui (Depression)
  • 2009 CE - Praxis Seizure of Des Moines, Iowa
  • 2019 CE - Scott Art Collective Destroyed

Television/Movie/Theater Inspiration

  • Ambassador Eustace Chapuys from "The Tudors"
  • George Washington from Hamilton
  • Sibylla from Kingdom of Heaven

Lyrical Inspiration

  • History Has Its Eyes On You, Hamilton
  • One Last Time, Hamilton

Ties Sought

  • Clients
  • Correspondence - ICly has a P.O. Box for Letters
  • Demonstrators of Artworks
  • Family/Lineage Members
  • Students

Out of Character Information

Player: Natasha C. Email
Storyteller: Melissa E. Email
Wiki Designer: John R. Email

Scott Family Arms.png

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Des Moines, Iowa
Titles & Positions:


  • .... Grace Scott?
  • Renown Jeweler and Weaver; known to enjoy Storycraft
  • Fierce defender of Elysium(s) and their artworks

Abiding Status

  • Prince: Authority, Commander, Sovereign
  • Luminary Elder: Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Prominent

Fleeting Status

  • Favored
  • Loyal


  • .... Grace Scott?
  • Intolerant of Tzimisce, to the point of madness


A blended house of lineage and wards of the line of Prince Aysel J. Scott, Des Moines, Iowa. No one knows how extensive the Family Scott was prior to 1999, however current state is the natural bloodline has been all but wiped out by interactions with the Sabbat, Hunters and the machinations around the Red Star and its cults.

The family upholds the ideas encompassed by the philosophy of art; studying the nature of art, including interpretation, representation, expression and form. To these ends, the family supports those who make art, along with those who desire to have and to witness art. The Family Scott are a passionate lot, who are encouraged to follow their passions where they will lead. This leads to many of the family to be part of not only the Camarilla but also the Anarchs.

The Elder of the Family, Prince Scott has created a collective for art, referred to as “The Collective” or the “Commune”. It is an open artistry guild for any clan to participate in. The collective is a showcase that demonstrates art either created by the member or art/artist they have given their patronage of. It is a well known secret that a showcase with the Elder Scott will often give the member access to information and rumors that the Elder has heard.



  • Prince Scott invites anyone and everyone who has Art to show her to come present it.
    • She is very bored living in the midwest. She entertains many revolutionary ideas in art.
  • Prince Scott seems to have an annoyance with "The Powerpoint".
    • The distaste runs to "The Wiki", claiming that the code itself is not elegant and boring.
      • What is the Elder talking about? Who SHOWED her wiki code???
  • Prince Scott has high opinions about how one should conduct oneself in Elysium. It it involves not breaking the peace or the artwork within.
  • No one knows why Prince Scott does not like Tzimisce. It is rumored that during the Anarch Revolt, she had run afoul of a Tzimisce.. but no one has found details.
  • She has crafted at least one Ventrue House their jewels. It is possible that her artwork graces a few others.
  • Prince Scott has an admirer for the last two centuries. He continues to keep himself informed of her goings ons to these nights.
  • Is not happy about having to make a deal with the local Mage. She has stated the next time she will see them on their death beds, when they are old and grey.
  • Did she just get a commission to deliver a set of tapestries to another Luminary Elder? Maaaaybe.
  • Challenged her Primogen to a Symbel involving gaining a bottle of a wine she heard about in the Tower Herald.
    • So Far, none have won......(as of December 2017)
  • Displayed a meditation tapestry at the Art showcase in Santo Domingo, hosted by Primogen Jared Wynters on October 26th, 2017.
    • She gave the meditation tapestry as a gift to encourage more artshow cases. The tapestry is said to be a masterwork, stylized in an old map of the Island of the Dominican Republic that allows the viewer to gain a sense of serenity.
  • The "J" of her name does not stand for what you think it does.....
  • Enjoys reading the various Harpy reports from around the Ivory Tower. She especially finds the Tower Herald a delight and enjoys leafing through it during gatherings and asking those around her about it's contents.
    • There is some rumor that Prince Scott supports a more modern format of rumors and news from about the Ivory Tower. What that means, or if she completely understands the format, remains to be seen.
    • Prince Scott also brings correspondence from various members of the Ivory Tower with her to gatherings as well. One time, she received a "chocolate covered potato chip".
    • She has been overheard telling others to get her a copy of the Sectarian... for another view of society, of course. (One cannot be biased!)
  • Is the reason for the concept behind 'hair full of secrets'.
    • And possibly Mean Girls.
      • She punched a Brujah once. They are reported to have told people it was 'awesome'.
  • Prince Scott has sent instructions to one of the clans regarding a "Gigiwhat Counter". As she claims, hunters are attempting to use an older trick with new technology and refuses to allow her city be subject to the terror of previous times.
  • [Toreador Only] Elder Scott is a firm promoter and supporter of the formation and continued workings of the Clan Guilds. She has been known to take and answer petitions of aspiring Guildmasters to have her join their guild to allow guidance when they are formed or under new leadership.
  • She has the friendship from several clans among the Ivory Tower.... must be her charm.
    • This positive opinion Prince Scott has among so many might be why many assume she was at the signing of the Blood Accords in Chicago, even when she was not.
  • Has been known to get into a well fought wits battle with Elder Jon 'Varangian' Rikkson, which she wins without question.
  • The Scott Art Collective was destroy in March 2019, with the Elder missing for several weeks.


  • "If creation was not such an endurance trial, everyone would try." -Aysel J. Scott
  • "I appreciate your trust in my clan. We will endeavor to show how we keep our place among the pillars." - Niko Koskinen
  • "I have to introduce you to the truest Toreador I know - you will call her Luminary Elder Amazing Spunky Mean Girl Scott." - Vida, to her childe Caiside Breathnach
  • "I believe that is all, for the moment. Good Nights, and I await your reply with rare anticipation." -- from a Letter to Elder Scott
  • “What part of I needing the farming community to function to have a tulip festival do people not understand?” - Aysel J. Scott
  • "I believe the last time I was so excited to see you, there was a ruined scarf and many fire burns in your gloves. I still contend it is not my fault that the candle was =that= close!" --from a Letter to an Elder
  • “You told me to bring something I loved, how about the painting that lead to my embrace “ --overheard in the Scott Collective
  • "Perhaps an ancient disagreement on the nature of art as it relates to culture, I understand Elder Scott's most passionate defense of these objets d'art and the Elysia which call them home...but I do not agree that these material things are of as much value as she finds. Still, Toreador to Brujah, she will likely find me at her side, for while I find less value in these objects...let us not say that I find *none*." - Aodhan the Druid