Azumi Akahoshi

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General Information

Name: Azumi Akahoshi
Deed Name: Unicorn's Hope
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Gaillard
Rank: Cliath (1)
Notable Traits: Anxious Pastel Goth, very friendly and snuggly
Pack: Runaway Stars
Sept: Sept of the Underground Dawn, St-Barbara
Society: Concordat of Stars

OneInchSpacer.png OneInchSpacer.png OneInchSpacer.png Unicorn's Hope "Unicorn" "Peace" "Hope"

WhiteWolfWiki-Children of Gaia.png

Gender: Female ( Her/She )
Apparent Age: 28
Actual Age: 28
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Bright cherry red, cut short with bangs.
Eyes: Blue
Build: Chubby

Azumi loves Hive Dives - by Chris "Wrong Mountain" Brooks.
Create Author Artist Creator.png Was born in Japan in 1992 to a Silverfang Yakuza family. She has a little brother named Keisuke.
Create Author Artist Creator.png Her first change happened in 2014 the day after her birthday party, she nearly killed a bodyguard of the family and her cousin stopped her in time. She was so traumatised by this event that she blunted her claws. (Flaw: blunted claw)
Create Author Artist Creator.png Her father sent her out of the familial house when he found out she wasn't a Silverfang herself.
Create Author Artist Creator.png Wrote a song about the glory of Kinfolks, for she feels that they are forgotten sometimes.
Create Author Artist Creator.png Being very anxious, she rarely speaks up.
Create Author Artist Creator.png In early 2018, Azumi, with Gaia’s Comet, Ranbo ni Eiko, He Who Rides The Storm, Blank Gaze, Seeker, and Twice-As-Vigilent participated in a successful quest to humbly ask one of Turtle's children to be their Totem. The snake-turtle spirit, Mikinac, agreed.
Create Author Artist Creator.png October 2019, she took part in Black Unicorn's Revenge
Create Author Artist Creator.png Took part in the Yule_Log_Hunting of the Sept of the Oak Vale.
Create Author Artist Creator.png Took part of the Puerto Rico Hive Dive on March 31st 2020.


Peace.png Her Silverfang father isn't her father at all and her mother cheated on him.
Peace.png Despite her father's stern stance and him kicking her out of the house, he still has a soft spot for his daughter.
Peace.png The social anxiety is a ploy. She is a venerable assassin with over 30 successfully neutralized targets.
Peace.png She has been kidnapped by Pentex three times. She never noticed, and they didn't do anything with her for some reason.
Peace.png She's not a Garou; she's a bunch of rats in a trenchcoat.
Peace.png (Feel free to add your own)


Peace.png "She's shy, and she doesn't say much because of that. But you know what? When she does speak, her words are well-worth listening to." - DC
Peace.png "You run away from us like a deer. Don't let our reassuring words kill your instincts." - Matthew "Foxhole" Levine
Peace.png "She is braver than she believes, and I see so much potential in her. Mostly, I hope she never loses that fierce joy she has inside." - Three-Step
Peace.png "Small one. I see you making the mistakes of the young, but I also see your knitting. You'll be all right." - 'Spector
Peace.png "She's such a sweetheart, and she's been through so much. She makes me want to protect her from everything and bake her cookies, and I don't even like baking." - Chris
Peace.png "There is a light and strength in her that burns brightly and beautifully. She is a Garou of compassion and healing, and who isn't afraid to DEMAND Unicorn's peace with passion. Shine on Azumi-chan." - AmeliaThunder
Peace.png "She's a good kid with a bright future. I wish her the best." - Many_Stones
Peace.png "Some one called her a Smol Cinnamon roll, and I have to agree. Also rats seem to like her so she is good in my book." - Nine
Peace.png "She saved "humans" during a fight. Which says a lot of good things about her. Shame they attacked her after thanking her." - Muertow
Peace.png "I have heard of the ways she is treated and it is time for some changes to happen." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
Peace.png "It's never easy to hold on to the good emotions in these dark times. Joy, wonder, peace, or Hope. But she does. She not only holds on to these precious gifts, but she also finds a way to give them to others. She is a rare gem." Gaia's Hope
Peace.png "It's good to see her in an environment where she can blossom. Also, she is attentive to her guests and provides a variety of tea to drink." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
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OOC Information
Player: Marlayne Généreux, CA2017021502
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Storyteller: Jeff S.
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