Azure Durandal Chao

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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

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Name: Azure Durandal Chao
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 8th
Society: Camarilla
Dignitas: Esteemed
Fleeting Status:

Notable Traits

  • Elder of House Durandal.
  • Childe of Roland Alexandros Carmichael.
  • Proprietor of the Emporium, a rare goods Trading House.
  • Currently Primogen for Ventrue in Omaha, NE

Lineage: House Durandal
Childe of Roland Alexandros Carmichael
Childe of Servius Avitus Regulus
Childe of Lysander
Childe of Artemis Orthia
Childe of Ventru

Known Timeline

  • Known to be active in Constantinople from the 1100's.
  • Active in Lyon, France after the fall of Constantinople
  • Supporter of Tremere Clan; campaigned for their status within the Camarilla
  • Fought in the Anarch Revolt. The death of her House founder, Servius Avitus Regulus, during that conflict affected her greatly and she withdrew from society for a time.
  • Spotted in the New World after 1800
  • Settled in Omaha, NE as of the late 1800s, opening the latest incarnation of her Trading House, the Emporium, in that city's new "Dark Carnival" Sporting District.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • Azure first wore 'jeans' this year, 2017, when she attended a Masquerade dressed as "American Woman"
  • Azure owes and is owed more Boons than any Harpy can truly track because of her constant trade through the Emporium.
  • Azure can source 'impossible' items for Kindred - items that shouldn't exist any longer or examples of One of a Kind historical objects.

Commonly Known Acquaintances among Kindred Society

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Character Quotes

Personal Quotes

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Quotes from Others

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  • "There are few enough people on this earth, Kindred or Kine, as astute and wise as my sire, Miss Chao. Her grace and wit are matched only by her beauty and manner. Though we have been distant these past few years, I trust that were I to be in need she would come to my aid." - T.S. Abrams

OOC Information

Player: Megan Kate Parsons US2002021124

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Storyteller: Matthew Thomas Powers

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Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Approval Number: USA-NC-VC-1706-039498