Bǫðríkr Gunnvaldr

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THIS CHARACTER IS RETIRED "United vér standa, united vér konquer”

-House Gunnvaldr

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Notable Traits

THIS CHARACTER IS RETIRED Bǫðríkr appears to be in his thirties, with brown hair and blue eyes. He's always dressed in a business casual style. He has a reputation of being unflappable.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • Confirmed member of the Camarilla
  • Established Elder of Camarilla
  • Privileged Elder of the Camarilla
  • Prominent Elder of the Camarilla
  • Loyal by way of Julia Antasia (Prestigious Sire)
  • Vaunted member of clan Ventrue (Ventrue only)


  • 312 not much is known before this time
  • 580 Sired Gaillen Mortimer
  • 598 Sired Amalfrida
  • 687 Sired Bjarke (NPC)
  • 1013 Sired Astrid (NPC)
  • 1496 Attended The Treaty of Tyre
  • 1528 Attended The Promise
  • 1534 Ghouled Viktoria Björndóttir (NPC)
  • 1698 Sired Viktoria Björndóttir (NPC Paragon Retainer)
  • 1792 Went into torpor
  • 2018 Awoke from torpor
  • 2019 traveled to Columbus, GA.


House Gunnvaldr




  • I heard that he was at Carthage when it burned.
  • I've heard whispers that he was the one that made The Promise happen.
  • Promises made, promises kept, by honor bound.
  • Know a rumor? Add it!


  • Basir
  • Character Allies
  • Character Allies


  • Character Enemy
  • Character Enemy
  • Character Enemy


  • Character Associate
  • Character Associate
  • Character Associate

Ventrue Only

Dignitas: Vaunted

OOC Information

Player: Steven (Seth) H.

Player Email: I'm a link.

Storyteller: Nicholas Dockery

Storyteller Email: I, too, am a link

Location: Columbus, GA

Ties Sought

Boons: To owe and to be owed



Business Partners

Political Shenanigans


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Winston - John Wick

Mr. Wednesday - American Gods

Doc - Baby Driver


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The Dead South - Into the Valley

Johnny Cash - Hurt

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