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‣ Baby was born in 1979 and has lived in Denver her whole life and unlife.

‣ Baby joined the Riot Grrrl movement in Denver in 1995, and at age 18, joined an anarcho-feminist gang. They have been tied to a spree of destruction across the city, targeting powerful men and their property with sledgehammers, Molotov cocktails, and homemade bombs.

‣ Was embraced in 1999 during the New Year celebration by a Brujah Antitribu. Baby fled her sire during a party he hosted to welcome her into the sect. She doesn’t like to talk about it - although eavesdroppers have heard the phrase “disco ball of flesh” during the few times she has discussed it.

‣ After her escape from the Sabbat, Baby laid low, dodging fellow kindred for the next two decades. Being nearly indistinguishable from other mortals, Baby was able to avoid detection during the chaos that rocked Denver.

‣ In 2019, with the Camarilla reclaiming the city, Baby decided to rejoin kindred society, and attended the court of Prince Lancaster.


"She's one of the most, uh, photogenic vampires I ever met. Even when she was scowling at me with those smoldering eyes, like she wanted to break my nose, the picture came out perfect. Too bad the Prince smashed my camera." - Cricket Crumb

"There's more to that one than you might think. What that 'more' is should make for an interesting reveal." - Harold Islington

"If I need to remind you to keep your eyes above her neckline one more time, I will tear your eyes out, mate, and staple gun them to your bollocks; and you will happy that I did, my son. Should I have told Baby of your visual transgressions, she would have taken off much more than I." - Thomas Bronson

"Placeholder Text" - Citation


‣ “The Camarilla really love a social beat-in, huh? Makes a girl almost wish for a real one instead.”


Masquerade PC

Player: Lana M.
Sire: Unknown
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 11th
Sect: Camarilla
City: Denver
Local Storyteller: Raymond Bruels III

‣ What's her real name? It's Baby. Some people think she forgot her name, or that she's related to some famous mortal, or just really enjoys puns. Real talk? It's not that complicated.

‣ Sure, her sire's a Sabbat. But she left the sect before they could even induct her, why the hell would you think that she would want to go back?

‣ Sex workers in Denver talk about how their cheap or violent clients would end up beaten to shit in their homes, or their cars lit on fire while they slept. Someone's out there avenging those girls.

‣ If you're at the right bar on the right night, you might catch Baby killing it at karaoke.