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Name: Baer Cimbore
Clan: Nosferatu
Camarilla Position: Nosferatu Primogen of Cleveland, Ohio
Status Traits:

  • Noble (Abiding) as a Primogen of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed (Abiding) as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Established (Abiding) as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Priviledged (Abiding) as an Elder of the Camarilla


Relatively quiet, Baer has a reputation for being able and willing to conceal and/or escort Kindred wherever they need to go....for a price.

Not considered a fighter, his strengths are focused in concealment and stealth.

Baer has used his abilities in service to his Sire, his Clan and his Sect.


House Viorbrenna

Child of Sonne Arohk


  • 929 - Born in Oslo, Norway to raider parents. He is seen as a disappointment.
  • 958 - Begins his service to Sonne Arohk as a scout.
  • 971 - Embraced by Sonne, Spent the next several decades as a scout and working on my abilities to hide myself for her cause.
  • 1027 -Released from his Sire’s responsibility, Baer returns to Europe and uses his abilities to travel between cities. He hides among the

population, learning their customs and how to avoid detection..

  • 1080-1200 - Baer uses his abilities and knowledge of European cities to provide safe travel for Vampires who need to escape the persecution of the Crusaders.
  • 1240 - Baer reconnects with his sire, working with her to place his broodmate as Praxis holder of Budapest.
  • 1570-1600 - Baer spent these few decades Hiding from the Sabbat attacks, occasionally helping others to find safe passage as well.
  • 1780-1840 - Due to increased Kindred population, Baer travels to the New World. He used his abilities to scout for the Colonists.
  • 1890 - Baer Cimbore relocates to Cleveland, Oh.
  • 1955 - Baer uses his powers of Obfuscation to protect the Clan and any Kindred who request it from the Hunters. Later this year he becomes Nosferatu Primogen of Cleveland.
  • 2001 - Warwick Event. Baer, as Primogen of the Clan in the City of Cleveland has expressed ....disagreement about how things went down.
  • 2006 - While the Nosferatu were unable to invoke the power to conceal their true visage causing many to fall to the mortal Hunters over the course of a week, Baer hid several of his Clanmates through his mundane skills of stealth and concealment.


  • "Death pays all debts." - Shakespeare
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Out of Character Info

Player: Jim Blaylock

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Storyteller: Phillip H.

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Location: Cleveland, OH


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