Bajos de Haina Project

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Bajos de Haina Project


Those who have Contributed thus far,

Symbol Challenge

Osvif Skorrisson has opened a Symbol Challenge, for the Month of August through October. Whomever contributes the most resources, Influences to the Project, Will be Victorious. As well as gaining the Favor of Osvif Skorrisson. Prince Zahira has also offered boons dependent on the level of involvement made by each individual who contributes to the project.

Location: 20 Miles West of Santa Domingo.

Proposal: A group effort to clean up the rural Industrial area known as Bajos de Haina, and scrap away the top level of soil, and clean the water table from contaminates. After the water and soil tables are clear of contaminates, a large forty four acre garden complex will be built. Native and exotic trees, flowers, fruits and Vegetables will be brought to the Island and Planted. Artists from all over will be invited to come and put an object of their creation within the Garden. At the central area, the Garden Theater will be build, for indoor and outdoor Performances. Lighted Stone pathways will illuminate the Garden at Night, along with ivy tunnels that will connect people to different areas of the garden. A specific part of the Garden will be devoted entirely to Night blooming flowers. The Garden will be open to the public during the day, and reserved for special events at night. Walls will be erected around the entirety of the Garden to protect it from vandals. Security will ensure that no trespassers are allowed after hours.

SDGarden.jpg SDGarden2.jpg SDGarden3.gif SDGarden5.jpg SDGarden6.jpg