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  • Aliases: Salamah al-Khuzā’ī
  • Embrace date: the early 630's CE
  • Generation: 4th Generation
  • Clan: Assamite (Warrior)
  • Sire: Haqim
  • Sect Affiliation: Unaligned (Mountain Loyal)
  • Current Location: Alamut
  • ST Point of Contact:AANST Assamite

Physical Description

Bakr usually appears as a short curly haired Arab with dark olive skin. Bakr has lived the lives of a Pondichery rat catcher, a fisherman in Punjab, a temple prostitute, a Persian seamstress, and many others. Salamah is a genderless name, and he has used that to his advantage. As a 1,400 year old assassin with Obfuscate at master levels, you should never expect Bakr to appear in any way that helps you to identify him. His gender, height, complexion, and mannerisms might change at a whim.

Brief History

As a mortal, he was the brother to Jamal and Haqim embraced them together. Bakr's living name was Salamah al-Khuzā’ī. Jamal al-Khuzā’ī was embraced on the first night, and Salamah was embraced on the second night. In the 630's many people were converting to Islam. Jamal readily took to the new religion, but Salamah did not. Salamah was a hunter and an archer and worshiped the Arab god of archers, Hubal. He practiced religious divination using arrows thrown towards an idol. He still carries small arrows with him for that purpose today. At first, there was no conflict between Jamal and Salamah. They traveled the world together from the 600's to the 1100's. They would explore countries and lead missions for Alamut.

The pair were recalled to Alamut in the 12th century and Jamal was made Caliph. For three centuries they worked together to insure Jamal's reign as Caliph was successful. During a mission to kill the Warden of the prison in Acre, Israel, during the Seventh Crusade, the pair witnessed the torture of many prisoners. One prisoner stood out for his tenacity. His name was Tariq and he was steadfast even after his tongue had been pulled out. Salamah embraced Tariq out of respect for his devotion to his brother's faith.

All of their missions were successful. However, when the eldest sent the two of them on a secret mission during the 15th century, Bakr was wounded gravely, thrown into torpor. Jamal spent a hundred years finding a way to awaken his brother. The two of them returned to Alamut having failed their mission.

Five years later the Treaty of Tyre was signed. The Old Man of the Mountain committed ritual suicide, and passed the Black Throne to Jamal in 1497. Jamal was the eldest by one day. Salamah held no ill will, and worked to make his brother's rule a prosperous time for all Assamites. It was during this time that Salamah began using the name Bakr, a nickname.

It is rumoured that Bakr was one of the seven captured Assamites ransomed at the Convention of Thorns. This may or may not be true.

The last chapter of Bakr's life begins in the modern era, Ur-Shulgi awoke and demanded all renounce Islam. Jamal refused. His brother, Bakr, still held to the ancient belief in Hubal. Bakr lied and said that he had given up his faith. He joined Ur-Shulgi, even as Jamal refused to lie and refused to denounce his faith. Now, Bakr is broken and lives in shame from day to day. He did nothing as Ur-Shulgi killed his brother and spread his ashes over Petra.

Current Status

Bakr is the youngest childer of Haqim. Besides Ur-Shulgi, Bakr is the only 4th generation Assamite absolutely confirmed to be active day to day. Bakr is not the eldest of the Sasila. However, he leads their meetings and is devoted to Ur-Shulgi. He secretly still worships the old god, Hubal. He lives in Alamut. Despite his generation, he was passed over for the position of Caliph. Many Assamites (especially Schismatics) hold him in low regard as a traitor to his brother, as responsible for the Schism as Ur-Shulgi. Bakr has become mortal enemies with Pelagon.

Known Childer


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