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Rends Decisions

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Name: Baron

Baron RT.jpg

Deed Names: Rends Decisions

Rank: Fostern (2)

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Red Talons

Camp: Lodge of the Predator Kings

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Oak Vale

Profile: Baron was a Lupus cub, native to Anglesey, in 2010 when he went through his first change, completed his Rite of Passage and joined the Red Talon Tribe. Born under the Half Moon, he is deeded "Rends Decisions", because as a Jurist of the Nation he not only passes sentence on those who break the Litany's Tenets and Sept Laws, when called upon, but also because of his aggressive, wolf-born way in the way he conducts himself and his Auspicial business.

Rends Decisions is a take-no-shit kind of Lupus, always ready to get in a fight or to yell (usually unintelligibly) at someone who offends him. He was an existing member of the Sept of the Oak Vale but formally left the Sept November/early December 2016, when he left to seek out an Adren Philodox Red Talon in Berkshire for his Fostern rank challenge which he passed in September 2017.


  • 2008 - Born in Anglesey, UK.
  • 2010 - Completes Rite of Passage. Joins Red Talons.
  • 2016 - Left the Sept of the Oak Vale.
  • 2017 - Promoted to Fostern by Deedname, Adren Philodox Red Talon.
  • 2017 - Returns to the Sept of the Oak Vale.

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