Bashar Dukat

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Bashar Dukat

Bashar Dukat.jpg
Known Information
Name:Bashar Dukat
Notable Traits:Eerie Presence
City:San Diego, CA
OOC Information
Player:Matt Rogers
Player Email:Email Me
Storyteller:Gabe Fortes
Storyteller Email:San Diego C/A VST
Location:San Diego, CA
I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." ~ Litany Against Fear


Bashar has lingered on the edge of society as most Nosferatu do, picking up a boon here and there while just trying to survive the nights. During these final nights, he finds himself alone save for a few allies. The Nosferatu shattered and divided, his bloodline murdered, and the La Familia Michocana Cartel returned to their homeland. As a witness to eldritch horrors and nightmarish creatures of the underdark, Bashar desperately fights a losing battle trying to preserve what soul and sanity are left to him as his world falls around him. Neutrality is increasingly seeming like an option that is no longer sustainable, and he might be forced to make a choice he has avoided till now with the rise of monsters, hunters, and ancient things that should have stayed asleep and never woken.

Nosferatu Only

  • Bloodline: Blood of the Hajj
  • Marlowe's Conservatives


  • Acknowledged (by Elder Bartok Sol, Luminary Prince of Tri-Cities Washington)
  • Honorable (by Elder Bartok Sol, Luminary Prince of Tri-Cities Washington)
  • Triumphant (Successful conclusion of Bloodhunt on Dante by San Diego VST)


1979 Embraced during the Iranian Revolution

1980-1999 Serves Tarique al-Hajji as a Guardian of Mecca

1999 - Red Star Event Occurs - Bashar leaves Mecca

99-09 - Nights of Turmoil; Serves his grandsire al-Katharah, former Prince of Orange County as an enforcer

2009 - Disgusted with the actions of his Clan, Bashar begins seeking out other mercenary work.

2014 - Aligns with the La Familia Michocana Cartel as a sicario

2016 - Officially joins the Cartel.

2018 - Arrives in San Diego

2019 - With the Cartel power base shattered and the Elders of the Hajj destroyed, Bashar goes back to the mercenary life.

2019 - Weary of being unaligned, accepts Acknowledgement within the Camarilla by the word of Luminary Prince, Elder Bartok Sol.


  • "Always pleasant to talk to, when you can get him to talk at all." Rosa Giovanni
  • “Dukat and his kin understand loyalty to a level that is frightening. I can only hope to God I deserve it.” - Marianne Dashwood
  • Your quote here - You

Known Circles

  • Maravedi - Cousin of Bashar
  • Drachme - Childe of Bashar
  • Krona - Grandchilder of Bashar
  • Marianne Dashwood - Adopted Sister


Rumors, lies and half-truths

  • Fluent in Spanish and Arabic
  • Usually carries a blade on him
  • Might actually be a Mountain Assamite
  • Might actually be a Follower of Set
  • Hates Star Trek jokes
  • Has a soft spot towards orphans


  • "If you knew the shit walking underneath your feet... you'd never sleep peacefully ever again."
  • "The Nosferatu will do as it has always done... survive."


Character Inspirations

  • Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad - Assassins Creed
  • Elim Garak - ST Deep Space 9
  • Navajas - Desperado