Basil Archer

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Basil Archer

Notable Traits: A lean man appearing to be around 25, Basil is most identifiable by the word "Pride" tattooed above his right eye.

Society: Data Incoming

Clan: Ventrue


Basil Archer is a man with no ambition. He views the world as a game that he has nearly won. His Motto "Why climb the ladder when the real prize is on the ground?" has been herd more than once, and has earned him more than one stern talking to by people of all clans and sects. He owns Cuzzins Bar in Farmington Missouri, and has bragged more than once that his "Masquerade safe" rooms are some of the best in the region. He is known to deal fairly with any and all patrons, from the highest ranking member of the Camarilla to the lowest, most morally disgusting Independent.


  • He runs a series of potentially frowned upon, but not often illegal or tradition breaking businesses.
  • He keeps himself flat broke, all of his finances provided by shady, unknown benefactors.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Alex Wesa

Player Email:

Storyteller: DST Matt McCoy

Storyteller Email:

Location: Southeast Mo. Mo-21-D