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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Basil Nigel Northrup Willemstad

Clan: Gangrel

Position: Primogen, Domain of Chicago

Positions served:

Deputy Sheriff, Domain of Chicago under Sheriff Idzihar Khoury

Scourge of the Domain of Chicago under Prince Seigrid of the True North

Enforcer, Domain of Bloomington under Prince Raven

Deputy Keeper of Elysium, Domain of Chicago under Keeper of Elysium Carlos Daymark

Deputy Sheriff, Domain of Terre Haute under Sheriff Tempest Wayne

Deputy Sheriff, Domain of Chicago under Sheriff Eliza Trenton

Current Status

Courteous From Prince Idzihar Khoury of the Domaing of Chicago
by grant in recognition of civility

Loyal From Seneschal Vitale Esposito of the Domain of Chicago
by grant from Kindred posing as target of Symbel

Honorable From Prince Elisha Hale of the Domain of Cleveland
by grant for the discovery of the base of operations for a cult of Lilith of the Sabbat

Previously Given Status(Gangrel are currently subject to the Lesser Status Ban until the recognition of a Justicar)

Victorious from Prince Seigrid of the True North of the Domain of Chicago
by winning of Symbel, that being hunting a target posing as an attacking Kindred on Elysium for the purpose of choosing a Scourge for the Domain of Chicago

Loyal From Prince Seigrid of the True North of the Doman of Chicago
for running to ground the Bloodhunted murderer of a Sheriff

Courageous From Prince Seigrid of the True North of the Domain of Chicago
for defense of Camarilla personnel from lethal threat

Loyal From Harpy Väinämöinen Takala
by grant, recognizing service previous to the adoption of the Chicago Blood Accords on the front lines against the Sabbat

Loyal From Seneschal Vitale Esposito
by grant, recognizing service in an investigation


Basil is one part Welsh, three parts British with a possible smidgen of Scottish. Basil is always nearly always dressed in all weather gear.


It's easily known that the courts of the United Kingdom 'convinced' Basil to stop being a rude boy blagger in mortal life. After being 'persuaded' that it would be best for all involved if he started apprenticing for a paramedic's license, he became what he felt was the fastest ambulance driver on all of Falkland Island (population ~3000). This in turn put him in the Red Cross Box of the Falklands War (1982) between Argentina and the United Kingdom as a medic at sea.

A few years later, Basil was out of his accounting and shipping supplies for anti-Sabbat efforts along the Atlantic coasts of South and North America (with the occasional trip to Europe). Eventually making his way down the St. Lawrence Seaway he participated in pre-Blood Accord pushes enough to feel that Chicago could serve as his 'legal address'. Basil still considers himself a courier, open for business, despite his constant occupation in...the security sector of Kindred circles.

Basil resents people viewing him only as warrior, even when that's spoken in reverent or reassuring tones. Whether that is a self-esteem issue or not is anyone's guess. He also is annoyed when Kindred in positions attempt to use what should be a responsibility to force personal profit or as an avenue for cruelty. Oppression and its seeking causes misery, misery causes war and Basil feels that he has seen enough of that. Everyone should be allowed to be a better person, even if not especially himself. Criminals are people who have every opportunity to act without harm and don't, status and moniker or none. So he'll readily call for deescalation when it's just egos, debate to the truth over dismissal and treating emergencies as a call to action instead of an opportunity to be exploited.

But freedom is a two way street. As a Camarilla Loyalist, he views the lack of recognition of a Gangrel Justicar as an affront. When speaking, respect is shown in the consideration of ideas and concerns not the turn of phrase or use of titles.


"This looks like a job for some enterprising, status seeking Kindred."

-before a night spent cleaning up 2-4 Masquerade breaches, depending on how one counts

"I thought it was a rescue mission."

-after being declared the winner of the symbel that made him Scourge of Chicago

"The bad times are over. Now I can relax."

-whenever assuring an authority figure of a lack of intent of violence

"We're union men."

-explaining to another deputy on a particular hectic night why we're the only ones doing any actual work

"Don't let them convince you that you're nothing but a predator."

-advice to a neonate despite being chastised for keeping Elysium by threat of immediate grenade use

"I nearly doubted you were a Giovanni."

-when asked for a boon for pointing at the individual the asker had just mentioned was in the room

"I'm going to set some boxes down. You're going to tell me which box what you're talking about goes in."

-when trying separate a Malkavian conspiracy theorist's imagined rantings from the Malkavian's meticulously researched investigation

Quotes From Others

"Oh! I knew you was bullshit." -Rowena O'Connor, having punched Basil with unnatural strength, super speed, and a flaming hand which he tanked with his face

"Just smile and nod." -Siegrid of the True North, when informed that Basil could not hold more status as a Gangrel

"Look, everyone needs a guy who transports stuff and never looks in the box. Basil is the best." -Brenda Bittersea

"The only reason Basil pulls the stick out of his ass is because he's going to beat someone with it." -Anonymous


  • Basil has not dated anyone since his ex-wife, an Argentinian lupine, blew up his house with him in it. This led to their divorce.
  • Basil has collected waters from each of the Seven Seas and soil from each of the Seven Continents in his wanderings. He's also been to the moon.
  • Basil's animal characteristic from being Gangrel is having the temper of a wolverine, a skull as thick as a woodpecker's, the footprint of an elephant, and an inability to let go of a bite somewhere north of a pit bull and an alligator...and the social graces of a mole.

Character Inspirations

Soundtrack - Thunderball, This Will Be the Day, I'm a Transformer

Characters - Vic Mackey from "the Shield", Benajamin Sisko from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Jack Bristow from "aLiAs"

Player Bio, OOC

Player: David Chadwell

Player Email:

Storyteller: Mark H.

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