Bastian St.Germaine

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The Facts:

Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Iron Masters
Pack: Capt. J's
Position: Pilot/Engineer


  • Capt. Jach M'Klareen
    • Jolene
    • Nour
    • Eddard "Nugget" M'Klaaren


  • NEGATIVE 25 years:
    - Birthday (or at least what she considers her birthday)
  • NEGATIVE 20 years:
    - Destruction of home (projected date)
    - Found by and joins the crew of the Norchal
  • NEGATIVE 10 years:
    - First Change
    - Taken to Ragnar Redjaw for safekeeping and training
  • NEGATIVE 02 years:
    - Joins up with Capt. J and crew


Friends, foes, family, lovers, allies
and/or clients welcome!



Characters From Movies/TV/Cartoon:

  • Son Goku - DragonBall series
    • love of fighting
  • Starbuck - Battlestar Galactica Syfy revival
    • love of flying...and drinking
  • Donatello - 1987 TMNT cartoon
    • engineer, tinkerer
  • Launchpad McQuack - Ducktales cartoon
    • naïveté and luck

Music Tracks:

  • Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
  • Chun - Li - Nicki Minaj

OOC Information

Player: Taran Lopez
MES Number: US2010066225
Domain: NY-004-D
Storyteller Email: NYC VST
Coordinator: Ilan N.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Other PCs: SageSight - Apoc, Teri Raphael - Masq

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Eye Color: Hazel/Green
Hair: Brown, Curly
Complexion: Olive toned
Height: 5'4"

Notable Traits

  • She's usually got some kind of dirt or messiness on her. She can't keep clean.
  • Wear's a pendant with the words St. Germaine on it, a token from her childhood.
  • Always has a chipper/helpful disposition, though can be something of a fuckup at times. Her sense of humor could be described as childish, but she's good natured, genuine and charming enough that it comes across more endearing than anything else.

Known History:

Not much is known about Bastian's childhood save for the fact that she was found as a child by members of a scavenging crew. Drunk and headed back to their ship from a tavern, they happened upon a completely destroyed street, and a half starved kid calling out from the wreckage. With a sudden attack of conscious and kindness one of the crew decided to take the kid back to the ship, the Norchal (a scavenging vessel frequenting the Expanse and the Verge). After feeding the girl and getting as much of her story as she was able to remember, the crewman, an older fellow named Duncan who acted as their pilot, talked it over with the Captain to let her stay aboard. A good natured man, the Captain agreed so long as Duncan took responsibility for "the kid" (as she was affectionately called by the the crew).

During these formative years Bastian came to learn all about ships: how to pilot, clean, and care for them, as well as how to spot a bargain or know when she was getting played. Her goal became that if she ever found herself stranded and alone again sometime in her life, she wouldn't need the random kindness of a passerby to secure her survival. She began looking at everything as a learning opportunity, and everything as a puzzle but always with a certainty of survival if you can only figure it out in time. (She would not like the Kobayashi Maru)

First Change:
Bastian's 'First Change' happened when she was 15 while she was asleep aboard the Norchal. It is assumed to have been triggered by a nightmare. She has said she has no memories of this event, but what is known is that two members of the crew were left dead in the wake of her transformation, Captain Tobias and Engineer Laru. Duncan was made acting Captain while they brought the Norchal back to a port and could see to the dead. The remaining crew, while having known and been family to Bastian for a decade, no longer felt safe traveling in her company and urged Duncan to take her off the crew. Ultimately, he couldn't fight the way the tide had turned and relented to dismissing Bastian.

The Merc Life:

Bastian byEmilyLewis.jpg

Duncan brought her to an old acquaintance of his, a mercenary Werewolf by the name of Ragnar who he hoped would find a use for the scrappy pilot/engineer, even if she was a bit accident prone. The warrior Irakka agreed to take in the child, teaching her about being a Werewolf and training her in hand-to-hand and weapons combat while she waited to find the crew she would ultimately be assigned to. Over the years she was paired up with several, none of them lasting through the honeymoon period, her clumsiness and unorthodox stunts getting on the bad side of her crewmates.

She found herself bouncing between crews for several years, ultimately using the time to figure out how to survive on her own. She began taking small merc jobs, catching rides with friends until she saved up enough credits to afford a little junker of her own. From then on all her funds went to fixing up the little ship, which she lovingly named Saboo, after a pet she smuggled aboard the Norchal growing up.

It wasn't until Ragnar paired her up with the scruffy Capt. J and his eclectic pack of misfits that Bastian finally felt a sense of belonging. Thankfully the feeling was mutual and she was offered a place on the ship as its primary pilot and has been serving alongside the crew ever since.

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  • Her happy-go-lucky attitude masks some deep sadness and trauma from her past.
    • She doesnt know her real last name, using St. Germaine because of that pendant.
  • She's actually a better pilot after a few drinks, crazy at it sounds.
    • She calls her flask her "Emergency Precautions"
  • Bastian likes to laugh almost as much as she likes to fight. On the rare occasion she's ever enraged, just make her laugh and you'll be in the clear again.
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  • "I don't like wolves very often, despite being one, but I like her. I understand her. I think she understands me too." - Maddie
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