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  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Creation date: 1490
  • Generation: Elder
  • Sect Affiliation: Unaligned

General Information

Bastion was one of the last few Gargoyles to be created before their enslavement to the Tremere ended. Once released he refused to join the Camarilla preferring to hold his allegiance to his Brood mates and clan only. In doing so he devoted several years to searching out lost clan mates and helping them find their footing. Near the end of the 16th century Bastion seemingly vanished from European countryside.


  • 1490: Created
  • 1496: Released from Tremere Enslavement
  • 1523: Spotted in France
  • 1548: Entered Germany
  • 1560: Left Germany for England
  • 1563: Rumored to be in Scotland
  • 1679: Enters his first state of Torpor inside what would later become a stone quarry in eastern Scotland.
  • 1680: Emerges from his slumber roamed the countryside of what is now known as Broadford.
  • 1718: Enters northern Ireland near Ballycastle.
  • 1770: Travels to America
  • 1776: Enters the American Revolution and fights the British
  • 1800: Migrates further west to Indiana
  • 1829: Using "Bonds With the Mountain" enters Torpor for the second and last time, inside the Indiana State Library
  • 1999: The appearance of the Red Star pulls Bastion from his slumber.
  • 2000-2002: Battles both the Sabbat and Hunters.
  • 2003: Presents himself to the local Anarchs seeking pact of neutrality.
  • 2008: Met the Gargoyle Killmore in Toledo Ohio, and was instrumental in the destruction of the Tremere Chantry.
  • 2014: Returned to Toledo to assist in the defense of the city from Tremere invaders. Also met the Assamite leader Ameqran.



  • "Skillful, cunning, and dependable. You cannot find a more resourceful creature than my cousin. Pray you don't catch his bad side." - Chimera
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OOC Information

Player: Nicodemus Duncan US2014070116
Player Email:
Storyteller: Loren R.
Storyteller Email:
Location: Indianapolis, In