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Commonly Known Information

Name: Baxter Bosworth

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

City: Harpy Tacoma, Washington


Baxter appears to be a man in his mid-40’s. He is commonly found dressed in semi-business attire with a red and black tie representing his house colors. His sire did not embrace him until 1840 making him young in age for an Ancilla. However, due to his long mortal life and his tenacity to learn Baxter rose through the Tremere ranks living up to the house expectations of success. Baxter presents as kind, compassionate, and caring which often has his fellow kindred pondering what he is really up to. Those who know the monster behind the façade know that everything Baxter does is to place himself, his house, and his Clan within a position of power.


"A long term family friend from what I have been told. I have not met anyone as kind nor as interesting as he. It makes me wonder if he is hiding something." - by Fernie Cherrywood

"What a nice, friendly person. Helped stand up to the 2nd generation, mind you, so don't underestimate him. His mind is as quick as his magics." - Pavel Stanislov

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1800 Born in Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, Wales to a Shipbuilder and a Seamstress
1803 Enters Primary School
1805 Sister is Born
1806 Sister is Born
1809 Brother is Born
1811 Enters Secondary Schooling at age Eleven
1817 Begins College at University of Wales Lampeter with a Dual major in Spirituality and Teaching at age 17
1817 Mother and Father move to Ney York, USA to run a new Shipping Yard. Remains in Wales
1818 Takes up fencing and boxing while in college.
1821 Marries his wife who is a Baker.
1822 Mother and Father are killed in an accident. Voyages to America for the funeral and travels back to Wales for his school.
1825 Son is born
1825 Daughter is born
1826 Wife dies during childbirth and second son does not survive.
1826-1827 Attends therapy
1827 Joins the Freemasons and begins studying other Esoteric religions and the Occult.
1828 Graduates with a Doctorate in Spirituality and Teaching
1828 Moves to Raleigh, NC and begins work at Shaw University as a Part Time Professor of Spirituality
1830 Promoted to Tenured Professor of Spirituality.
1835 Continues his journey in the Freemasons while continuing his Occult Studies.
1836 Begins a two-year sabbatical to return to Europe to become a member of the Fraternitas Satruni
1838 Returns to Raleigh, NC and forms an American Fraternitas Saturni temple and returns to teaching Spirituality at Shaw University.
1840 Is embraced by Donzella Costigan and begins his Apprenticeship within the Tremere Clan. **Lineage information only** One week after embrace suffers first vision of Gehenna which his sire and other members of the Lineage speculate is caused by his close mortal ties with Occult practices. **known information** Additionally, a noticeable chill of ten degrees lower is felt by anyone within a five-foot radius.
1840-1893 Remains at the side of his Sire learning all that he can about the Clan and Thaumaturgy. **Tremere only information** Joins Societatis Transitus - 1850 **Lineage Information only** Begins to suffer visions of Gehenna on a monthly basis. The visions are so strong that at times he has had to be restrained for his and others safety.
1893 Receives invite to join the Order of Chaeronea which he accepts **Lineage Information only** An escort is sent with him to monitor and record his visions and to restrain him if needed.
1893 Reunites with his Sire in Los Angeles, CA **Tremere only information**Achieves the ranking of Apprentice of the Seventh Circle and begins to help Newly Embraced Tremere transition into Clan life. Assigned a retainer whose whole purpose is to monitor and record his visions as well as restrain Baxter as needed.
1900 Sent to Tacoma, WA by his Sire with orders to become the Regent of Tacoma and establish a Chantry.
1900 Moves to Tacoma, WA in the Hilltop District near Wright Park. Works within the Church system providing night services and education to the loggers.
1909 **Tremere Information** Construction on Union Station begins. Baxter “convinces” the architects to create an underground sanctuary that includes Baxter living quarters and the Chantry. Secret tunnel and entrance were added to the drawing.”
1911 **Personal Note for ST only** The Station is completed and Baxter moves in ensuring that the original blueprints are replaced as well as “altering” or “getting rid of” those who knew of the addition to the building.
1915 Meets Gregory, a Gangrel Lore Master.
1916-1946 **Personal Note for ST only** Gregory and Baxter become lovers with their nights filled with hunting and their mornings were filled with stories of the Gangrel and Changeling.
1925 Gregory and Baxter attend a party hosted by Jean and Desarea in New Orleans Louisiana. Baxter has a prophecy at the party which catches the attention of Desarea.
1925-2015 Baxter and Gregory visit Jean and Desarea often.
1947 **Tremere only** Baxter has a severe vision in which he nearly kills Gregory.
1947-1957 Enmeshes himself within the Upper-Class society and invests in several breweries within Tacoma, WA.
1984 Union Station is closed to train movement and becomes abandoned.
1999 Gregory and Baxter celebrate the new “union” of Gangrel and Tremere
2009 **Tremere Only** Participates in The Ritual to Combat the Infernal
2012 Attends Chicago Blood Accords with is Sire.
2015 **Personal Note for ST only** Gregory meets final death and in Rage Baxter “converts” the mortals and then sends them to their final death by sunlight.
2016-2019 **Tremere Only** Continues to strengthen the Chantry
2019 **Tremere Only** Promoted by Sir Koskinen to Regent of Tacoma, Washington
2019 Appointed as Harpy of Tacoma, Washington
2019 **Tremere Only** Participated in events at Velesh’catl Chantry in Manhatten, KS
2019 **Tremere Only** Participated in the freeing of Tremere in Liesing, Austria

Harpy Reports

Tacoma Harpy Report
Sept 28, 2019
Location: Smokey Joes Cigar Lounge Host: Baron Bart


I say that Smokey Joes Cigar Lounge was such a perfect location for celebrating the success of Prince Desarae Preaue de Avignon. The strong smell of Cigar and pipe tobacco brought back the most interesting thoughts from a time before my embrace but, I digress and we have so much more to discuss. In her infinite wisdom and grace our Prince allowed those within her Domain to approach and share their ideas for the City Courtesies, at first it seemed none trusted this gesture and some gestures were needed to get things moving. Before continuing with details, I must say thank you to Fernie, the Talon of Seattle, WA, who stepped in and watched over the city last month while I was out of town. I have conferred onto her the status of Trustworthy and acknowledge her as an intendant member of the Tacoma Harpies. Please treat her with the respect she is due. Now, onto things that need discussing.


Unless you hid in a dark corner away from everyone you heard the illustrious introduction that Baron Bart provided upon the entrance of Desarae Preaue de Avignon. I can assure you that after hearing the tale myself our Prince deserves not only the wonderful introduction but, the prestige of Triumphant. Our most divine Prince successfully dispatched Kilgrave, a most terrifying foe, after having such a grand adventure in lands that some of us can only imagine. Not only did she accomplish this she achieved something amazing for those of the Broken Glass. While I can not expand on this information let us say that if you are blessed enough to learn of her further accomplishments you will be humbled.


As I mentioned in my foreword our Prince was gracious enough to allow those within her city to present ideas for her courtesies. Below I have added the current courtesies and will advise you that our Prince is more than willing to hear additional courtesies or even revisions to the below. If you wish to set this up please contact myself and I shall arrange it.
1) An invested Kindred is a working Kindred. One must pay their clan representative a boon before garnering the Prince's Acknowledgement.
2) Each Solstice or Equinox the Prince will entertain petitions for the right of Progeny.
3) All Anarchs must report to the Baron or they will be visited by the Scourge.
4) All Thaumaturgy and Blood Magic practitioners are required to register with the Prince.
5) The Nosferatu have been granted control of the Underground. If you wish for access, you must speak to the Nosferatu Primogen.
6) There is to be one dock designated as Neutral territory and will be available for use by any sect. Arrangement for use must be arranged with the Prince.
7) The city of Dupont has been granted for use to the Giovanni Emissary. He is welcome to have a small contingent of his clan join him after making the proper arrangements with the Prince.


Our dear Baron and host for the evening had such an eventful evening between introducing our Prince with honors and that explosive episode with a visitor. I am not sure about you but, my spine just tingled just watching the scene. Perhaps details will be shared about the cause of this display until such a time it is good to know that the Baron is taking care of business.


It is an honor to be serving as the Harpy of Tacoma and I encourage you to approach me to record your boons or even give status to others within the Domain. I promise all transactions shall be painless and kept in the strictest of confidence.

Harpy Baxter Bosworth bestows the Status of Honorable to Talon Fernie from Seattle.


Baxter Bosworth Harpy of Tacoma, WA
Philip Bower – US2019060045


In the spirit of communication, the Baron of Tacoma has asked that I share his statement:

It was a privilege that Seattle's Advocate indulged a direct conversation regarding Avery's transition into the Camarilla. The outcome of that interaction was inconclusive in that in spite of the exchange of ideas, no consensus was reached. In the time since Seattle's Advocate has rectified his actions regarding Avery to my satisfaction in spite of the remaining ideological differences. Avery remains a friend of the Barony, and it will be my pleasure to welcome Seattle's Advocate back into the Barony either when he has had a change of heart or when the position has changed hands.

Baxter Bosworth

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Harpy
Domain: Tacoma, Washington
Player: Philippe Bower US2019060045
VST: Tacoma VST

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