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The Band Vex Vandal Ziva Vicious Johnny Smüv Vic Savage Surge

Beast Rising is a British rock band based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Formed in 2012, the band was founded by friends Vex Vandal and Ziva Vicious, as well as the twin brothers Vic Savage and Johnny Smüv, which was formed out of the London punk rock scene. The other member of the band is Surge, who doubles as both the tech specialist and synth performer, and was brought to the band after being a roadie for the band for 4 years. Beast Rising has released one studio album and has toured worldwide since their debut album's release, Animal In Me, in 2014, with their second studio album, Push/Pull, released in April 2018.


Vex Vandal – lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Ziva Vicious – lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar
Vic Savage – drums, percussion
Johnny Smüv – bass guitar
Surge – keyboards, synth, programming


Animal In Me – 2014
Push/Pull - 2018


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