Beau Talbot

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Beau "On Borrowed Time" Talbot

Notable Traits: Looks a lot older than he is; Bitten

Pack: Mudhole Stompers

Sept: Sept of the Bayou's Rage


No memories from before about 10 years ago when he was found by the Bone Gnawers as a freshly-Bitten Garou. Has traveled with his buddy Kneecap since that time at the whim of the spirits.


  • OMG, I think Beau was a Silver Fang Kinfolk before his Bite!
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Adam T

Player Email: theoryofadam at gmail

Storyteller: David McCorkell

Storyteller Email: houcam.vst.werewolf at gmail

Location: Houston, TX