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Follower of Set

Virago of Napa County, CA

I'm Becky, your friendly neighborhood virago. If you don't know what that means, look it up in a mortal dictionary and you'll probably have a decent idea of who I am as a person.

All T

  • Name: Becky Marie Fuchs (aka B.M.F.)
  • Born: 1991
  • Embraced: 2012
  • Generation: 11th
  • Sire: Ambrose Quincy Goddard
  • Broodmates: Ana Grace, Jett Athan
  • Childer: Um, no.
  • Clan: Follower of Set
  • Sect Affiliation: Independent Alliance
  • Current Location: Napa, CA

More coming soon!

All Shade

  • "Quote." - Name
  • "So Becky with the good hair be on the mark. Like she got all the shit on lock. I can't even with her. Down AF for a party. We be pretty tight, and you know I only fuck with the best so yeah." - Sa$ha Lavender Cuoronero
  • "I know little of this one, but if the time was made open, I would not send them from my fire." - Ulric of Gangrel
  • "First person I've met to be so enthusiastic of my being a Trash Panda. Awesome hair, cute looks, and she's damn smart too. Definitely want to meet her again!" - Trash Panda
  • "Becky is definitely good at what she does. I am not entirely sure what that is, but I am certain that she is an expert." - Aelfi Utgardson
  • "A superb Virago; she embodies all that I imagine the position to entail, and she does so with caustic wit." - Robert Davison Covington-Lockwood
  • "She may be young, but she is competent and effective." - Paolo Giovanni
  • "Good Drugs. A+ Plus, and wore a kick ass kigirumi. Am I saying that right? - Juniper Durham
  • "Who knew 'Hamster Maze Saga With Friends' would be so fun?" - Darien Grey
  • "I love Becky, her love of drugs and vice rivals that of my own, which is hard to find. So naturally, I must both love and hate her for it." - Mordechai

Becky Fuchs

Clan: Follower of Set
Sect: Independent Alliance
Player Domain: CA-051-D Domain of Myst
Player: Renee Ritchie
VST: David Egan

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