Ben Cohen

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Ben Cohen

Notable Traits: Absolutely none

Type: Human...isn't everybody?

  • Requiem: Mekhet (Clan Status 1)

Character Type Subgroup: Male-Presenting

  • Requiem: Carthian Movement (Carthian Status 3)

Position: Small Business Owner

  • Requiem: Councilor At Large, Pioneer Commonwealth (Commonwealth Status 4)


Ben Cohen owns a book store in Springfield, Massachusetts' "The X," Kaufman's Books. There isn't much to see there, just dusty old books; some a little valuable but nothing too impressive. You might be better off looking elsewhere.


  • Ben Cohen, he was known as "Kaufman" back then, knows where all the bodies are buried. He even knows why some of them were buried.


  • None you'd remember. I'm not much of a talker. Perhaps I could interest you in this early-edition Thoreau, though. An excellent choice.

OOC Information

Player: Joshua C Smith

Player Email:

Storyteller: TBD

Storyteller Email: TBD

Location: Western MA