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Etiquette makes a Man:


Music is a passion:


Character Information

Name: Benedict Jameson

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Invictus

Embrace Year: 2005

Position: Keeper of Elysium

Invictus Title: Notary

Notable Traits:

  • Exquisite Manners
  • Exceedingly Handsome
  • Quite Willingly At Your Service


  • 1979 - Benedict A. Jameson was born in London, England.
  • 1996 - Benedict's mother passed away, and he moved with his father to Maine.
  • 2002 - Benedict's father died in a car accident with a moose, and Benedict inherited his family's considerable funds. He invested them wisely and grew his personal fortune.
  • 2005 - Benedict was Embraced by a Ventrue of the Invictus who took notice of Benedict's acumen for making money. He lived with his sire in Ellsworth, and he fell in love with the hotel--the Siren's Call Lodge--that was the Elysium spot.
  • 2011 - Benedict left Maine to meet with Invictus elsewhere in the world, at the behest of his sire.
  • 2012 - Salt Lung took the unlives of many of the Kindred in the city, including Benedict's sire and the Keeper of Elysium. Benedict returned to Maine from his travels just in time to see the impact of the disease, and he immediately purchased the Siren's Call Lodge. It was only natural that he would become the Keeper of Elysium. What came as a surprise was replacing his sire as the local head of the Invictus, as well.
  • 2012 - 2020 - Benedict has served in his dual roles admirably and with great passion for the jobs, acting as Notary for the local Invictus and serving the needs of the Kindred when they visit the hotel for gatherings. But strangely, Benedict never leaves the hotel. No one has seen him outside its walls since 2012.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Playing the Violin
  • Cooking for His Patrons
  • Ensuring the Continued Excellent of His Hotel
  • Possibly-Coded Flower Arrangements

Hotel History

  • The Siren's Call Lodge has been the Elysium location since before Benedict's time as Keeper.


  • Vidal St. Croix: Vassal who assists with Elysium.
  • Abe Eklund: Security and collections
  • Dolores: Ghoul and "Hotel Mom" of Elysium
  • Mikey: Security Ghoul of the Hotel


  • Benedict isn't alive. He is a ghost that the Prince

has hired as a Keeper since he is the primary haunt of the hotel.

  • Dolores is really his Mother.


  • "Such a lovely boy. He has such manners.

He almost makes me wish my son were so polite."

Collette Durand

  • "His sweet innocent nature is endearing. The flame to my wings."

Vidal St. Croix

  • "Bene is such a lovely Ventrue. He does need to come out more though, the night has so many things to show him."

Lucian St Germain

  • "There's few people live or dead I have less complaints about". - Abe Eklund
  • "The young Rook can cow even the eldest of hot heads. He's truly a prize for the first estate and clan of kings." - Victor Black

Ties Sought

  • Allies (Particularly Ventrue and/or Invictus)
  • Oath Ties
  • Patrons of the Hotel

OOC Information

Player: Dana W.

Member Number: US2016080016

Location: Ellsworth, ME


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