Benjamin Ducats

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Peanuht01.jpg"What ever I can do to help."
Names: Benjamin Ducats "Giles"
Tribe: Silver Fang
Breed: Human Kinfolk

Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Late Thirties
Notable Features: Write those here.
Description: Write that here too

ScrollingCode.gif Rumors
Ben's whole life is a rumor, so people have compiled some info around his life and stories he has told. True or not take it for what you will.

Early years
What is little is known about Ben, is that he was born somewhere in California in most likely 1979.
Ben is rumored to hold 4 seperate Master degrees and 2 doctorates, but much of his past is unknown.
His interest in computers began with a Commodore 64 at the age of 6 in 1985, initially programming in BASIC, but later by directly accessing the 6502 CPU in machine code. He did not make use of assembly language. It is said that with-in one year he had hacked into first corporation and installed a worm to transfer micro transactions of funds netting hundreds of thousands of dallors in a few months, which is where he first invested into Corning Incorporated. After the Commodore 64 he purchased a Sinclair QL, which he modified extensively, especially its operating system. "Because it was so hard to get software for it, He wrote his own assembler and editor (in addition to Pac-Man graphics libraries)" He is known to have written a Pac-Man clone named Chomp Man. In 1991 he purchased an Intel 80386-based clone of IBM PC before receiving his MINIX copy, which in turn enabled him to begin work on Linux.

The first prototypes of Linux were publicly released later that year (1991).
In late 1996, Ben is rumored to have accepted a position at the company in California, where he would work from 1997 until 2003.
From 1997 to 1999, he was involved in 86open helping to choose the standard binary format for Linux and Unix.
In 1999, Red Hat and VA Linux, both leading developers of Linux-based software, presented Ben with stock options in gratitude for his creation.
In 2008, Torvalds stated that he used the Fedora distribution of Linux because it had fairly good support for the PowerPC processor architecture, which he had favored at the time. He has also posted updates about his choice of desktop environment, often in response to GNOME.
Template:Portal bar He is said to rarely leave his house.

Garou Rumors
He is close to "Broken Promise" for some reason... There has to be a good story there.
You need something? He can get it for you, anything.
It was once said he can speak every language, even to wyrm.

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Sept: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Allies and Associates
Vasya, Deeded "Broken Promise"
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OOC Player Info
Player: Chris 'Peanuht' White
ST: Phoenix VST


  • Q, James Bond
  • Rupert_Giles, Buffy

Gorillaz - "Clint Eastwood" [1]
Flobots - "White Flag Warrior" ft. Tim McIlrath [2]
Ghost - "Square Hammer" [3]