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Friend or foe, never forget. Because history never will.

An IC idea of Benjamin.

Commonly Known Information

Name: Benjamin Harlow

Notable Traits: Eerie Presence (Violet Eyes), wears a ring around his neck on a chain that has a bloodstone in it.

Lineage: House Harlow

Society: Societatis Magus (Known to Tremere)

Clan: Tremere

Titles: Primogen of Clan Tremere (Public), Regent of the 4th Circle (Tremere Only)


Benjamin Harlow is an Englishman, born in the early 1600s, he was embraced in London due to an exceptional intellect. Having been raised in a family that valued history, Benjamin held onto his fascination with the past into his unlife. Helping to found the Society of Antiquaries of London, Benjamin used the organization as a cover to move about and look for ancient texts and lost magical wisdom. Throughout his history, Benjamin has brought many vampires of similar inclination to his side, helping to formalize House Harlow in the early 20th Century after his sire Amis Ward was believed lost.

One of the founding members of the Court of Malta, Benjamin is known to kindred society at large as a bit of an eccentric traveler.

Clan Tremere knows him as someone who values the ideals of building members of House and Clan up, rather than tearing them down. While he doesn't necessarily show this side to those outside of the Clan, it isn't something he keeps secret among the blood. He generally treats anyone of Clan Tremere in good standing like extended family.

Benjamin is also an author, having penned a collection of works back in 1950 that helped define what people today know to be tropes. The author behind the obvious pen name (J.A. Guye) 'died' in 1970. Recently, a 'new' author has picked up the pen name and begun writing again in a style almost exactly similar (but not quite), paying homage to the first Guye.

The Works Of J.A. Guye

Isaiah Grimm - Isaiah is the idealic English adventure hero. He's well-trained in many martial skills as well as a crack shot with a pistol. He's brave and intelligent, but fallible in that he will always choose right over personal gain.
Jacob Grimm - An Englishman of high intelligence, with a knack for tongues of every stripe. Jacob is portrayed as cowardly compared to his brother, but has moments when he's truly stalwart.
Isabella Regina Valencourt - A fiery-haired pirate queen, Isabella wears a black bandana for a shirt, black leather pants, wields a cutlass in one hand and a flintlock pistol in the other. She's promiscuous, a legendary figure among pirates, and has a whirlwhind affair with her charge, the cowardly but scholarly Jacob Grimm.
Holly Love - A blonde-haired lounge singer with the voice of an angel. Isaiah's love interest.
Muddy Kate - A half-Indian crazy cowgirl.

Second Run Characters:
Jason Veil - A dark-haired man with a dark complexion, Jason is one of the new main characters in the adventures of Isaiah Grimm. A fighter pilot in the war who can fly any craft, Jason Veil has been instrumental in saving Jacob and Isabella on several occasions by making sure that either they get out of danger or he and Isaiah find the danger first.

Books In The Line:
For Note: Isaiah Grimm and the Darkest Continent marks the 10th book in the series. Descriptions of the others are forthcoming.

Isaiah Grimm And The No-Goods In Nevada - Isaiah visits the wild west, where he meets Muddy Kate. So named for her 'dirty blood' rather than her appearance, she's a drunk and an Injun half-breed who no one in the town will trust. Isaiah sees past that and, with her help, is able to save the town from a band of outlaws intent on ruling through fear and firearms.
Isaiah Grimm And The Crimes Of Chicago - In this adventure, he meets Holly Love, a famous lounge singer with the voice of an angel. The club she sings at is in debt to the mob, who are threatening to collect if they can't pay by the end of the week. With no time to waste, Isaiah must go into the belly of the mob and convince them to forget about the debt. It turns out the mob boss, Don Corillini, has an issue. His son was murdered. If Isaiah can find out who dun it, the mob will forgive the debt on the Lady Of The Lake.
Isaiah Grimm And The Pirate Menace Of Malta - The cover shows the classic idea of a pirate woman. A fiery-haired pirate queen, Isabella wears a black bandana for a shirt, black leather pants, wields a cutlass in one hand and a flintlock pistol in the other. In this adventure, Jacob is captured by the fierce woman, and only Isaiah can set him free, by surrendering the people of Malta to her tyrannical rule. But what's this? Does the pirate queen's heart melt for the scholarly Jacob? It seems so!
Isaiah Grimm And The Reluctance Of Royals - In this adventure, it is discovered that not only is Isabella a pirate queen, but also a Princess from the Isle of Wight. A summons appears for Isabella and she finds that she must answer, whatever is written in those pages. A ball in the Queen's honor demands more than her typical garb, but will she survive the politics of court as she has the politics of a pirate crew?
Isaiah Grimm And The Darkest Continent - After a long hiatus, Isaiah Grimm is back and doing what he does best: winning the hearts of millions with high adventure. In this episode, Isaiah learns through his trustworthy contact Jason Veil that Isabella and Jacob have been kidnapped by a group of cultists bent on opening up the Heart of Africa, a dark region where monsters are said to reside. No adventurer who yet lives has ever entered the Heart and lived! But for his brother and the fiery pirate whom stole his brother's heart, Isaiah will go to any lengths. Acquiring through deals best left undisclosed a military cargo plane, Isaiah and Jason set out to the dark continent in order to track down the cult. Little do they know that this is the same cult that cursed Isabella so long ago! They know when someone seeks her, and so they know that the intrepid adventurer is coming! As they near the waters off of the African coast, fighter planes bearing the unholy markings of the cult swarm the cargo plane and shoot it out of the sky. Luckily, Jason Veil thought ahead and brought along two parachutes just for such an occasion. The two men make it safely to the ground, but then must trek their way through snake-infested jungles of the unholy underbrush. Having uncanny luck, Jason is able to lead Isaiah through the worst of the jungle, only to come upon the camp of the cultists, at the foot of a great mountain, right at the worst possible time. The two men stand back to back and are able through fist, firearm, and fortitude to overcome the cultists. Unfortunately for the duo, only Tobias is at this camp. Untying him and releasing him from the nearly-boiling pot which the cultists, apparent cannibals, were holding him, Jacob relates how Isabella was spirited off by a dark-shrouded figure. The three men will have to go deeper into the darker depths in order to rescue the pirate heroine!


  • There are those who speak of a lost love that once wore the ring now around his neck. Benjamin isn't one of them, but older Kindred remember a beautiful woman in his life many years ago.
  • It's said that Benjamin puppets the entirety of Clan Tremere within the state of Indiana, holding boons or blackmail over them all.
  • Benjamin is rumored to be a part of a clandestine group of Elders in Clan Tremere. What their goals are is unknown, though it's said to involve Clan Lasombra.


  • You couldn't ask for a dearer friend, or a fiercer enemy. - Morena Meyer
  • Benjamin? He is good enough to make a girl believe in magic. - Holly Wood
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OOC Information

Player: Greg White

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Storyteller: Tony Taboas

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Location: Franklin, IN (Player), Bloomington, IN (Character)