Benoit DeMonte

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Benoit DeMonte

a.k.a: Uncle Benny
Clan: Toreador
Family: Castile
Generation: 10th
Sect: Camarilla

Known Traits:

Benoit fell in with a bad crowd and spent some time with the Sabbat until his sire returned him to the Camarilla.
He is on a Path of Enlightenment and does not seem shy about it.
As a novice tailor, Benoit is always looking for a new challenge for his skills
He seems to have a knack for making jewelry in addition to his work as a tailor.
Benoit serves as an assistant Scourge, if there were such a position.


  • 1933 - Embraced by Penelope DeMonte and promptly moves to join the Sabbat
  • 2001 - Benoit returns "home"
  • 2008 - Benoit is married to his sire to placate his lineage
  • 2017 - Benoit is disgraced in a scandal to diablorize his grandsire


  • Something - Someone
  • Something else - Someone else


  • Benoit never truly left the Sabbat
  • He's much older than he lets on
  • He's secretly plotting the demise of his family

Benoit DeMonte

Domain: Tri-Cities, WA
Player: Jacob Kestner
VST: Jacob Kestner
Location: Richland, WA

Mood Music

Another Way To Die - Alicia Keys & Jack White
Someone that you think / That you can Trust is just / Another way to die

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