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"We stopped looking for monsters in the dark when we realized that we are the monsters."

- Bento Salt

Name: Bento Salt
Clan: Nosferatu
Date of Birth: 1684
Embrace: 1719
Nationality: Portugese

1600s - Bento was born in Santiago de Compostela, Portugal to a cattle rancher.
1700s - Bento was taken and traded as a slave before his embrace. He embrace was recorded to be in the year 1719 to The_Ironclad_Archbishop.
1800s - Bento rode with the fleet of ships that transfered the Portuguese Royal Family to Brazil after France invades. All traces of Bento are lost until late 1800s.
1912 - Bento arrived in Phoenix and has remained there since.


"Brilliant mind, passion, and loyalty, all qualities of a great Elder."

"A great kine and I'm sure she will be an even better kindred. Sad story around her embrace."

"It is a pleasure to work with Mariana, she is a great example of a Emissary."

"Oh, he is a good one... When he wants something he is a master at getting it and making everyone happy about what ever it is."

"Quote about contact..."


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Ip Man
Mr. Furious
Killer Croc


Player: Chris White 'Peanuht'

Player Email:

Storyteller: Wade Yorke

Storyteller Email:

Location: Phoenix, AZ