Bernard " Brick" Sullivan

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BrickLinage.png Sire: Justice
Grand-sire: Mad dog



Name: Bernard " Brick" Sullivan
Clan: Brujah
House: Agmundr
Sect: Anarch
Domain: Austin, TX
Title or Position: Constable of Public Enemies

Abiding Status
Fleeting Status Courageous, Loyal
Known to the Community Brick is a professional wrestler the WWE NXT division, who seems to be quickly moving up the ranks towards the "Big Time."

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  • "First he makes disgusting unwanted advances on my cousin and then he is found stalking her uninvited in Ventrue territory! I think it's time for him to hit the bricks and beat it cause I'm running out of patience." - Xavier Langston
  • "The Toreador have a theory as to where this man's nickname comes from, but I am far too much of a lady to give such vulgarities voice." - Vivienne Stanwyck
  • "Solid and like exactly as hard as he like needs to be. He like completely gets it." - Karma
  • "The bravado of the Brujah is well known, but I think there is something more hidden within Brick." - Rosemary Cypress
  • "The only of this city's Brujah to treat me as if I were not some outsider interloping in their fun." - Ezra of the Vanguard
  • "PAIN TRAIN IN THE HIZOUSE!!!" - Payback
  • "Brick is cool. I would still put my money on Sam." Vengeance
  • "Yeah, name's pretty well all you need to know about Brick. Says it all." - Clint
  • "If Brick wants to patrol other clan's terrorities, I'm more than willing to let him wander around the 2nd Street District." - Olivia Collins
  • "Stop me if you've heard this one - a 7 foot tattooed Brujah professional wrestler walks into Court burnt to a crisp, exclaiming how improbable it was he was found by hunters. The Prince says..." - Charles Blaine
  • "Brick comes off as a nice guy. He even gave me my nick name. But something still tells me there's a bad side with Brick that I do not want to be on." - Waylon
  • "He's much more than he might seem to be at first glance. I am still not sure what to make of his loyalty to the Tower, but I respect his passion." - Advocate Alenzia Komnenos
  • "At first glance he is all that is a young Brujah, passionate and bold to the point of recklessness. Beneath that though there is a well-spring of sense, of acumen uncharacteristic for his age, and an iron resolve that renders him unflinching before challenge. A true son of the blood of Siegrid, of Brujah, and he has my respect for it." - Amyntas
  • "He's a loser, but he's like.. a brother to me. I love the idiot, may he make the Big Time and figure out how to be a kindred who wrestles. This is going to be a great fucking balance." - Juniper Durham
  • "So amusing. I enjoy the discussions we have." - Dante Niccolo Cesare Giovanni
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