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Best Laid Plans - Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Brujah?


This story begins with a recon mission. Couple of us were out following a trail of a Pentex bloke. Led us to this building. We were across the street minding our own business when a bunch of guards come out start pacing about the front o’the building. So naturally as they are pentex, I discreetly took a picture on my phone. Wanted to get an image of em see if we could use that later. Unfortunately the head bitch saw me. Gave me the come hither look and beckoned me across the street. Well as I had my mates to back me up. I sauntered across the street. She demanded my phone. I offered to delete the photos. She refused and demanded the phone. I said no. She said “Then, I’ll take it.” I said. “I’d like to see you try bitch.” And that’s where things got interesting. She’s a leech… and not just any leech no this bitch can punch me thrice in under six seconds and moves like the bloody FLASH from the JLA…. So after realizing that she isn’t an ordinary leech, which we could have EASILY taken by the way. We high tail it outta there and report our findings to the Sept. It was a Good New - Bad News situation. GOOD NEWS we’ve ID’d the head of security for the pentex building and got some good reliable intell on what we’re facing…… BAD NEWS- building is a bloody fortress and we are facing a 5th Gen Leech. And the like bonus-bad news…. She apparently wants to mount MY HIDE on her wall.

Sooooo, we need to take her out, because Technowizard is bad enough…. We can’t afford to face em together. So we do some research, and our wyrmfoe Ocean’s Fury and Sept Leader Rabbit, give us the ok to call in our friends and allies for this one. We’re gonna have to hit her in the day. That means going into Pentex central….So we send out the call.

Gaia’s Nova, Ahroun, Athro, StarGazer, SeptLeader of the Sept of UnderGround Dawn in Montreal,Quebec, led a team from her Sept to come help us, including, Sid, Tsaw-Caw- Corax, Fostern, Ragabash, Soaring Dream - Star Gazer-Adren- Theurge, Sturm- Ahroun-Fostern-Get of Fenris.

We got a slew of Rokea led by Voice of the Unsea, Razertooth - Elder - Ahroun - Rokea , Unborn Awakened - Rokea -Galliard - Cliath, from Last Bastion of Light’s Keep.

From other Septs we have TheBloodCrow, Athro, Corax, RJ Dusk Talon - SilverFang- Ragabash-Athro - SeptLeader of , Delaynie - Athro-Shadowlord-Philodox from the Sept of Glade of Shadows, And my tribemate Arsenal of Gaia - Ahroun.

So the Gaians gathered at the Waystation, and it was time to get prepped and get going. TinderWolf pulled us in to get the influence to lock down and evacuate the area around the building. Toshio, Elmer,Sid, Tso-Kaw, Myself and a few others pooled our resources so we could make sure the veil was protected. That done Doc brought his spirit bunnies who hopped over to our biggest hitters. Ready to help if we needed healing. Norman dropped his ‘war chest’ filled with talons of all kinds, like dozens ready to use.

Ocean’s Fury, our wyrmfoe stepped forward looking around with approval at the many who had come to join us. Two teams were selected for the mission.

Squad 1 - Led by the Wyrmfoe Ocean’s Fury was operation seek and destroy and consisted of Arsenal of Gaia, Voice of the UnSea, Razortooth, Rabbit-Sept Leader-Ragabash-Athro-Fianna, Unborn, Delaynie, Hattori Toshio-TruthCatcher-Elder-Kitsune-Philodox, Elmer - Master of Challenge - Silver Fang- Fostern, Norman -SilverFang, and ‘Doc’ -Rite Master- Athro-Theurge. It was their job to take out the Brujah.

Squad 2 was responsible for engaging security guards and femori and destroying the building security system and was led by RJ DuskTalon-SilverFang-Athro-Sept Leader of Karonhia'ke in Toronto. Squad two consisted of Alexander-Shadowlord-Cliath-Ragabash, Sidewalk Sally-Athro-Philodox-BoneGnawer, TheBloodyCrow,Sturm, Ginsume- Kitsune-Adren-Ahroun, Conner-BoneGnawer-Theurge-Cliath, Gaia's Nova-Athro-StarGazer-SeptLeader of UnderGroundDawn, Soaring Dream, Okami”Ricochet” - Kitsune-Theurge-Cliath and of course yours truly.

The time had come and our teams approached the building. It was a clear sunny early spring day in Saint John. But the streets were barren. The influence had done it’s work, no one was about. Even the wind seemed to hush as we approached. The quiet before the storm of battle. Squad two was prepped to rush the building once we started our assault. The time had come.

Squad Two - Zap’em and Snap-em

Sally and RJ glowed with Gaia’s light. Their eyes glowing with the greenish-golden heu of gaia’s power as they view the battlefield. I got ready to call the security office so I could travel through the phone line to the security station. Gaia’s Nova glanced at her Sept mates Soaring Dream and Sturm, readying herself and her people for battle, her eyes focused on the building focused and ready. Underground Dawn & Conner wait for the word, and Okami cocks her gun, and Ginsumi gets ready to slip in. Conner manages to create a fake security card and you are able to enter the building. Sturm certainly got the “get their attention part right” he shifted to Chrinos and rushed the security desk with a beastial ROAR as the rest of us piled in. I dialed the security office number only to have the bloody phone 10 feet from me start ringing which Ginsume leaped the desk to answer, and confirming I wasn't getting deeper into the building that way. While she did Gaia’s Nova, Soaring Dream, The TheBloodyCrow follows Sturm in and started taking out the security guards. While Okami, Conner, RJ and Sally provide cover fire from behind.

So, can’t go in deep….. time to improvise. Still have to get that security system down. Tinderwolf’s recon informed us we can’t hack the building, the technomage would be tipped off immediately if we tried. So… Plan B. Fry it all.

The guards meanwhile have hit the alarm and sirens start blaring, Gaia’s Nova growls at the noise. “Incoming!” Sally and RJ say almost in unison. The squad continues to move in and we see another pile of security guards comin at us like the crazy 88 from Kill Bill! “Bollicks” I mumble under my breath. Sturm, Gaia’s Nova, TheBloodyCrow continue to fight the guards. TheBloodyCrow using a feather attack, Ginsume, Gaia’s Nova and Soaring Dream redirecting, dodging and striking better than Jet-Li. Sturm continues his attack claws and fangs finding their targets. The floor is starting to get slick with blood of our vanquished foes. “Cover me!” I yell, Conner smirks, nods and leaps over me with an axe coming down on a guard to my right as I dive down towards the desk. RJ, Sally & Okami open fire, unleashing bullets and arrows at the guards as they come. I reach out calling lightening to my hands I can see the wires and almost touch them at the last second a guard gets in the bloody way. My electricity courses through him arcing to his 2 buddies beside him. I see them convulse and I curse. “Fuck!” I curse as I hit the guards instead of my target. “KEEP EM BUSY!” “We need to move! Start heading up the stairs to the offices!” RJ shouts. The team nods. “Lia…” “I know, we got this!” *I reply getting ready* “Nova, Dream Keep em off me.” *I say with a glance to the pair of Stargazers. Gaia’s Nova gets on one side of me Soaring Dream on the other. They immediately start redirecting the guards away from me, flipping’em into each other like cars in a nascar wreck. I reach for outlets wires cameras anything I can see. Sending electrical currents down through the wires, arcing and arcing, frying everything in its path. The smell of ozone and burning starts to fill the air, as we slowly make our way up the stairs. Meanwhile Conner, Sturm and Ginsume head up the stairs, plowing the way. Ginsume a whirlwind of blades, Sturm all rage and tooth and claw, Conner driving his axe deep into anyone who comes near. RJ, Sally and Okami riddling anything they see with bullets and arrows, Couple of the bodies look like pin cushions as we slowly follow up the stairs, Soaring Dream heading up with the others, Gaia’s Nova protecting me from behind.

I get to the last outlet I can tell all the hardware is fried, and arrive upstairs just in time to see Doc level his staff at the Brujah Bitch a blast of lighting sizzling out of it at her, Arsenal of Gaia leaping down with his lightsaber blade boring into her torso. Speaking of her torso Ocean’s Fury has his jaws firmly clamped around it, with Razertooth on her head and shoulder in his nasty toothy maw. She is screaming as they rip at her, as the lightning from the staff courses through her and the blade sears through her flesh. Rabbit has her teeth sunk into a door at the far end of the room, Unborn and Delaynie attacking a living shadow. (OC- AS LONG AS ITS COOL) The sharks hold her in thier grip and she screams in agony as they start to rip her in half. The others (PLEASE FILL IN COOL STUFF!) getting in final hits as they destroy her, and she turns to ash. “Told you, I’d like to see you TRY , BITCH.” I whisper with satisfied glee as I watch the others gather the ashes and place them in the sun.


Squad One - Brujah of The Brujah - By Elmer William Hildebrand, Galliard

Beating a vampire is a task in and of itself, let alone a fifth generation Brujah, as I’ve been told they like to be fairly upclose. Our Wyrmfoe, Ocean’s Fury, knowing that it would be a fight like none other, assigned to the task a group capable of a) great destruction and b) great support. I fall into the latter category and as such was on board to help. Our first task, as many are, was getting into the building. Myself and Toshio, dressed as we were, acted as though we belonged there, and, with a little help from a certain Bonegnawer, Conner, we were able to get through the card reader gate at the front. As most of our party followed invisibly behind us, we made our way across the building’s main lobby towards the elevator and stairs. Not knowing exactly what the plans of the second group were, we were taken aback when we witnessed a Crinos-form Sturm charging into the building, presumably as a distraction, possibly to take out the guards there. Either way, we hurried to make it upstairs to our target. Thinking I would take the elevator, our Alpha, through the mindweb which we had up, made me think twice and we all ended up taking the stairs. Upon arrival, very noisy and distracting lights and alarms started going off, no doubt built in security measures just for us. In addition to that, we had ourselves a large, thick vault door to contend with before we could even get in to face our potent foe, who, according to the view from View the Battlefield we had up, was coming at us at great speeds. The door apparently looked tasty to our Alpha as Rabbit decided to start gnawing it to pieces. We began to steel ourselves for what was about to happen, when Gaia’s Arsenal decided to unlock the door from inside the door itself with Ghost in the Machine. I never much understood all of that technological stuff, but it did the trick alright. After that came the slaughter. As soon as we had our opening, the mosquito was doomed. Our Rokea member Razertooth immediately clamped onto the foe, locking her in their steely maw. My nephew, Norman, managed to take her down to nothing more than a speck for us as he hit her with his gift Paws of the Newborn Cub. Unborn and Delaynie were on her shadow, though I can’t remember which one originally ripped it from her. I thought it a good time to pump everyone’s rage with Heart of Fury, and the sharks essentially tore her to chum. I know everyone did something, and for those I left out, I greatly memory isn’t what it used to be. It all happened a bit fast, as well, so I didn’t really see everything that happened.


By Lia 'Thunder', Talesinger of Traveler's Respite