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Venue Information

Werewolf the Apocalypse, in Vancouver BC.

Primary Setting

Primary Setting Location:

The Sept of Better Options

Summary: The City of Vancouver houses a Caern that recovered quickly in the recent upheavals. A Glasswalker heartland, now the residents must deal with the ongoing pressures of a high tech city stuffed full of refugees with competing ways of life and being. Territory is scarce, and players must balance where to put their resources.


Name Tribe Auspice Rank Sept position Notes
Jack Quinn, "Forged in Tragedy" Fianna Ahroun (4) Athro Sept Alpha Bitten
Timothy Burrs, "Bravado" Silent Strider Ragabash (3) Adren Fool
Victor Crest, "Deep Walker" Uktena Theurge (3) Adren Master of the Rite
"Zero Fucks" Glasswalker Philodox (4) Athro Truthcatcher
"Eight and a Half Tales" Kitsune Galliard (3) Adren Talesinger
Dr. Christoph Weber, "Beetle Bane" Ananasi Ahroun (3) Adren Wyrm Foe
Chen Bafu, "Contemplates the Giant" Stargazer Ahroun (3) Adren Warder NPC
"Rabbit's Last Breath" Red Talon Philodox (3) Adren Master of the Challenge
Heather Castle, "Duck Hunt" Glasswalker Theurge (2) Fostern Den Parent
"Rends the Web", aka Grandfather. Speaker for the Queen Ananasi Ragabash (Wyrsta) (5) Elder
Orzevia, " " Children of Gaia Galliard (2) Fostern
Diana, "Stinging Wind", "Avenging Death", "Mother of Strays" Black Fury Philodox (3) Adren
Adrian Black, "Judges in Twilight" Bastet, Bagheera Philodox (Twilight) (2) Fostern
Yasmine, "Best Child" Ananasi Ragabash (Wyrsta) (1) Cliath
Reeky Shadow, "First to the Kill" Wendigo Ragabash (1) Cliath
Dottie, " " Shadow Lord Ahroun (1) Cliath
Woof, " " Silent Strider Galliard (0) Cub
Frosty, "The Bloody Severed Right Hand of Tyr" Get of Fenris Ahroun (1) Cliath
Juniper Fianna Kinfolk
Riley Martinique Glasswalker Kinfolk

Inactive Residents

Name Tribe Auspice Rank Notes
Thomas Koenig, "Long Death" Bastet, Simba Ahroun (Daylight) (5) Elder
Magnus Wilhelm Alexander, " " Shadow Lord Philodox (3) Adren
Garrett Walsh, "Heavy is the Mantle" Silverfang Ahroun (2) Fostern Bitten
Kadin Bashara, " " Corax Ragabash (3) Adren


The Honoured Dead

Important Locations

Cairn of Wasp

Located within Pacific Spirit Regional Park


The west coast, from Seattle to Victoria, was the home of the Coastal Salish for most of its period of human habitation. Colonial expansion and its misery empowered the Wyrm, leaving the area a blighted. The Last Spike, finishing the great trans-national railroad, marked the arrival of the Glasswalkers, led by a charismatic Rail Baron “Relentless Progress” who occupied the area known as “Salmon’s Glimmer” making it their own.

The Caern was located in Stanley Park, until the Age of Apocalypse fell upon the world. The corruption that fell on every area came in the form of infiltration, poisoning the Caern and murdering the spirit within it. This deep trauma plunged much of the population into despair, but the leadership was able to pull together, drawing on the strength of the population and making unusual alliances to save lives, if not everything. With physical safety came refugees, and with them, unity born of desperation.

Routed, but not defeated, they struggled to fight back. Dozens, of what is already a tiny population, were killed, fell to the wyrm or were left permanently shattered, scarred and broken.

And yet, hope proved strong, and Vancouver was able to hold the line, using this and the social ties of the Stargazers to bring a new seed from across the ocean. Planted in 2011, it is a desperate ember in a cold hearth, as a final winter encroaches from outside the city. This is a spiritual and physical siege.

Historically ruled by unorthodox Glasswalkers, it is unsurprising that this is a Concordat of Stars dominated Sept, although this may change depending on the preferences and actions of Sept members in the coming months...

Sept Briefing: As spoken by Dr. Singh, Glasswalker kinfolk and wolf researcher at UBC (NPC). Dated Sept 2018.



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OOC Information

Storyteller: Valeria S.

Venue Style Sheet: Vancouver VSS

Domain: Nova Albion

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