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Commonly Known Information

Name: Bianca Rossi

Notable Traits: Bianca appears to be utterly skeletal - the skin of her face and hands appears to have melted to her bones. She is also clearly on a Path of Morality.

Clan: Harbinger of Skulls

Lineage: Lineage of the Ivory Chapel

Sect: Sabbat

City: St. Catherines, Ontario

Sect Position:None

Pack: The Silence of Death

Pack Position: None

Faction: Status Quo

Fleeting: Was Once Considered Resolute by the word of Cardinal Kyle Stratcona (VIP Approval: 2017-11-VIP-VtM-542) for enforcing the Blood Accords.


Assisi, Italy (1212-1228): Bianca is born the 3rd daughter of a minor noble family in Assisi in the Umbria region of Italy. (MORTAL)
Assisi, Italy (1228-1247): Bianca enters a cloistered community, joining The Order of the Poor Clares. She becomes a nurse working in hospices, providing succor to the sick and dying. (MORTAL)
Assisi, Italy (1247): Bianca is embraced by ""Father of the Ivory Chapel”/Heimrich Van'Drakkensen, (played by David Coyne). (VAMPIRE)
'No Fixed Address' throughout Europe (1247-1297): Bianca travels throughout Europe with her sire during her Accounting. (VAMPIRE)
Perugia, Italy (1297-1346): Bianca is released from Accounting, and settles in a small cloistered community of Poor Clare Sisters in Perugia, Italy. She is Acknowledged by the Prince of Perugia as a part of their court. (VAMPIRE)
Perugia, Italy (1324 – 1346): Bianca acts as the Keeper of Elysium in Perugia. (VIP Approval: 2017-09-VtM-1013-027) (VAMPIRE)
Kaymakli, Turkey (1346): Bianca travels to Kaymakli at Cappadocius’ summons to the Clan, and is imprisoned there with many other members of the clan. (VAMPIRE)
Kaymakli, Turkey (1346 – 1999): Bianca is imprisoned at Kaymakli. During this time, she trains in the Path of Death & the Soul. Some of this time is spent in torpor. (VAMPIRE)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada (1999-2015): Bianca escapes Kaymakli with a number of others, takes on the name of the Bloodline of ‘The Harbingers of Skulls’ and joins The Sabbat, returning to her religious roots as a member of The Orthodox Faction. She travels to the New World in search of her sire, and ends up in Calgary. Bianca lives in Calgary, travelling from time to time for The Sabbat, and to attempt to find other Harbingers and build a network. During this time she puts together a Pack – The Silence of Death. (VAMPIRE)
VtM WB Event: The Chicago Blood Accord (2012 - Camarilla and Sabbat Only): Bianca was present in Chicago to witness the signing of the Blood Accords as the Ductus of her pack, as a part of the entourage of Cardinal Strathcona, and the contingent from the Sabbat Domain of Calgary. (VIP Approval: 2017-10-CVIP-VTM-206) (VAMPIRE)
St. Catherines, Ontario (2015-Present): Biance and The Silence of Death travel to St. Catherines to assist in rebuilding The Sword of Caine in Southern Ontario after their retreat from Hamilton in 2012. (VAMPIRE)

  • DPOTM Reference #: 2017-09-VtM-1013-027


The members of The Silence of Death include:

  • Ductus: Alessandro Rossi
  • Priest: Bianca Rossi
  • Abbot: Violet Grey
  • Roach


  • Bianca Rossi has diablerized her sire and taken over leadership of The Lineage of the Ivory Chapel
  • Bianca Rossi will go to any lengths to wipe the Giovanni off the face of the earth.
  • Bianca Rossi survived Kaymakli and is an Elder Harbinger of Skulls.
  • Rumour HERE!

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Player: Leanne W.

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Storyteller: James O.

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