Bill Brune

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Commonly Known Information

Name: William Brune, a.k.a. Wild Bill a.k.a. The Walking Disaster

Notable Traits: Largish ex-marine with a shaved head, he is usually heavily armed and Supernal effects seem to follow him though he has been confirmed to not be a mage.

Type: OOC: Proximi IC: Human

Character Type Subgroup: OOC: Acanthus

Union: Explorers though most think that he is a Mercenary



William Brune was born and raised in the Southern Hemisphere on Planet My. As such, from a young age he was taught to hate supernaturals and to be entirely self reliant. He was an excellent athlete and hunter, making his transition to the EFMC easier…except for adjusting his attitude. His feelings of superiority, and his natural talents made him…resistant to discipline. Enough was achieved that he was able to complete his induction and his talents were redirected to becoming a scout sniper. He and his team would be inserted onto a hostile planet, make their approach through whatever terrain was on hand, report their findings and either take a shot or return for pickup. Bill would go through cycles of promotion and demotions. As he rose in rank the liklihoot of running into a “Tightass” superior officer would increase….and thus the likelihood of having a verbally or physically violent confrontation leading to a demotion. This continued until the Silent War. Not many details survive, and fewer survive with personal knowledge, of the missions that Bill was involved with during the War and he certainly doesn’t discuss it. What IS known is that this is when his antipathy for Supernaturals was nearly entirely negated. This was also when the first rumors of magic began to swirl around him. When General Tiengo made his famous exit from the EFMC two things happened: Bill had a new idol and Bill followed the General to the Explorers union. Since then Bill has operated as a scout, a scavenger, and a hired thug. He is often mistaken for a mercenary union member.


  • Accused of melting down a ships reactor in order to kill his target....while he and his crew were still on board.
  • Connected with a massive data and equipment theft in Sector Six in which he and others were hired to retrieve a rogue synth that had stolen the data and equipment. The synth and equipment were never found. He and the others were rewarded for the return of the Data and hired as Security for the Archaeological dig site.
  • After working as security at dig site was seen in the company of multiple Corp executives and representatives.
  • Wanted for questioning in the death of a Synth representative of ___ Corp that was shot dead while in his company though witnesses claim that his gun was pointing entirely away from the victim.
  • Was last seen leaving the scene of the Shooting death with large amounts of Rare and Uncommon Minerals.

Known Associates

  • Captain Arellius and the crew of the Spire
  • Greta the Xeno-Archeologist
  • Kyra Owen
  • Alistair_Whitemane

OOC Information

Player: Jeremy N.

Player Email: political.magic55@ g-mail

Storyteller: Elizabeth N.

Storyteller Email: spacevst@ g-mail

Location: IC Sector __ OOC Charleston, SC