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William Ethan "Will E" Masterson

Notable Traits:

  • Natural healthy appearance (Personal Masquerade)
  • Extremely nimble, dexterous, and very fast
  • Crack shot and very skilled with firearms
  • Dour & grim demeanor with a strong sense of justice
  • Strong Camarilla supporter and rabidly opposes the Sabbat
  • Dresses rather nicely (he is a Toreador, after all)

Character info

William Ethan Masterson was born in 1842 what is now known as Russellville, Arkansas. He grew up in a middle-class family of lawmen, learning to rope, ride, and shoot very keenly.
He eventually did his duty and served in the CSA as a Cavalry NCO, but grew very disillusioned with the institution of slavery and the CSA as a whole.

He moved west after completing his loyalty oath and receiving the pardon. First, he settled in the Fort Smith territories (now known as the state of Oklahoma) then further west to Colorado then onwards to the Nevada silver boom.

An old photograph that was taken sometime in the 1870's

Around 1870, William began work as a deputy sheriff in the boom town of Austin Nevada. William married in this boomtown, settling down and having children.
While there, he meets Gaston della Torre, a friendly well-to-do saloon operator. William grew to work well with this friendly man, working security for the saloon.

While serving as a deputy sheriff in Austin, William ran afoul of the Barlow Gang. After several arrests and crackdowns, Barlow retaliated against William.
Barlow cornered William and his family in his home, killing William's wife, Gracie and their child. William would have died too, having been shot and clawed multiple times.
Gaston found William near death and offered to help William get revenge, revealing that he was a vampire of Clan Toreador and could grant him immortality.
William agreed to this while being near death and in a state of shock. Gaston repaired his injuries and embraced William. After a few nights of teaching the fledgling about his current state,
William and Gaston were able to call a vendetta ride against the Barlow gang and inturn burned out the criminal gang.

Turns out that the Barlow gang was empowered by a Sabbat pack and the battle was furious and brutal. William and Gaston came out on top and returned to Austin to carry on.

Kindred Biography

(Known to those with Camarilla Lore or Toreador Lore)
William worked as a roving troubleshooter for various regional powers and law enforcement for the next 60 years, especially the silver boomtowns of Virginia City and Gold Hill boom towns.
When those boom towns began to dry up, he eventually ends up in the newly formed Las Vegas town, which continued to grow. He set up a haven and continued to work against miscreants of all kinds.

He is known to have taken torpor in late 1960's Nevada and only recently reawakening. He heard of the recent problems affecting his home of Central Arkansas and decided to return to his old home,
not much caring for the new kindred in charge of Las Vegas.
Masterson 2.jpg

Known Statuses


  • As an Ancilla of the Camarilla
    • Confirmed
  • Others:
    • Defender by Keeper of Elysium in Little Rock

Character Inspirations:

Cleric John Preston
Doc Holliday
Virgil & Wyatt Earp
Bruce Smith
Raylan Givens
Saint of Killers

Personal Soundtrack:

Kid Rock - Cowboy
AC/DC - Big Gun
Judas Priest - FIREPOWER
Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive
Sabaton/Judas Priest - All Guns Blazing
Miracle of Sound - Hell to Pay (D00M song)

OOC Info

William Richard "Bill" Masterson

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Ancilla
Domain: Little Rock, AR
Player: Scott Boyd - US2018010052
Facebook: Click here