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Commonly Known Information

Name: Billie Grinder
Sect: Anarch Movement
Clan: Caitiff
Current Location: The Free State of Rome, GA
Notable Traits: Billie's appearance is typically simple: jeans, green plaid flannel, leather jacket, black pork-pie hat. The one extravagance in her wardrobe is her 6" black stilettos. Truth be told, you'll probably hear her before you actually see her. Billie's volume control is definitely busted.


Not much is publicly known of Billie before she helped push the Sabbat out of the NW Georgia area. She often talks openly about her "Mom & Dad", her sires. The story goes that Billie's "Mom" was a Ravnos pirate who had become involved with a Camarilla Ventrue businessman--her "Dad"--in the port shenanigans of New Jersey. Somehow they decided to try and make a Childer that would have the best of both clans, so they mixed their blood during Billie's embrace. To some, this would be seen as a failure since Billie came out as a Caitiff. But to Billie, she did get the best of both clans, and the status of her blood is irrelevant.
After the Sabbat were forced out of NW Georgia in 2013, Billie helped the rest of the Movement set up shop in the area. She became Advocate and has held the position since then, with no challenge. The Movement work together very well in the Free State of Rome, and Billie is very open about her efforts to make the Free State as close to a utopia for humans as she possibly can. In 2014 she led the movement to remove all Confederate monuments from the city and the Movement used its collective influence to rename several buildings that once had Confederate monikers. For those who visit The Free State of Rome, you'll often see Billie working with (and just hanging out with) her close allies such as Archie (Rome's Architect) and Cattaveria Salvatore.
It's well known that Billie has old-style riverboats in Rome, and at least one is a casino that's been used as a gathering site.

Character Soundtrack
The Game - Motorhead
Simple Survival - Mushroomhead
Problem - Natalia Kills
I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin
Deep Water - Charon
Bully - Shinedown
Till It's Gone - Yelawolf
The Masses Against the Classes - Manic Street Preachers
Diamond Hard - Kerli


  • Some say Billie is far older than she lets on. Others say it's just bravado. All we know is...she's a pirate.
  • Her openness about being Caitiff is all an act, to cover up her true clan--Ravnos.
  • She may talk a big game about Humanitas, but Billie's holding on to her own by a thin, fraying thread thanks to what she has to do to enforce the utopia for Rome's humans.
  • Perhaps Billie joined the Anarch Movement to assume a new identity and escape heretic accusations linked to her Ventrue sire.
  • Billie was never a pirate; she was nothing more than a petty thief.
  • Billie is secretly a member of the Camarilla.
  • Billie claims Caitiff, but is actually a Ravnos.
  • Billie is on the Path of Paradox.
  • Billie is blood bound to Gabriel Kardos

What Others Say...

  • "Billie is a blunt object. What you see is what you get. In some ways that is quite refreshing." - Zero

OOC Information

Player: Jill Baldwin
Player Email:
Storyteller: Sam Gerace
Storyteller Email:
Location: Rome/Cartersville, GA