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(Punks Not Dead)


Brujah Primogen of Montreal

Loyal, by Thaddeus Moreau, Prince of Montreal
Noble, abiding

Known Collaborators

[[Sire TBD]]
Character name

"If only closed minds came with closed mouths."

Commonly Known Information
Name: Wilhelmina Altham, AKA Billie Mydol
Notable Traits: Red hair, green eyes, several tattoos, super friendly
Society: Camarilla
Clan: Brujah

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace: Born 1958
    • Younger sister of Reginald Altham III.
    • Born into privilege. Her family have long been retainers to Cornelia Mowebarry.
    • Access to private school education, particularly gifted with fencing and music.
    • Expressed desire to pursue further education in music, was met with pressure from her parents to study law, to further benefit service to Cornelia Mowebarry.
    • Rebelled against parental pressure and ran away from home, dropped out of school. Lived on the streets and in punk squats. Developed further musical skills.
  • Embrace: 1983
    • Offered by Cornelia to her then husband to embrace into clan Brujah as part of an experiment in pre-embrace culture vs post embrace blood. She hoped to have the best of both worlds of Brujah and Ventrue. She was found and embraced against her will.
    • Continued playing punk music, adopting different stage names and sticking to local bands to avoid breaking the masquerade.
  • Camarilla Career:
    • Sent to Montreal as an advance agent for Cornelia Mowebarry's eventual seizure of Praxis.
    • Remained in service to Cornelia Mowebarry until her death.
    • Maintains good relations with the Anarch Sect, for political and personal reasons.
    • Appointed Brujah Primogen of montreal under the late Prince Cornelia Mowebarry, renewed under his Majesty Thaddeus Moreau.
    • Often deputized by Montreal Sheriff Nicholas Stalhman.

Personality traits

  • Easily approachable and compassionate.
  • Everyone's favorite Brujah (especially when compared to her brother, Reggie)
  • Will jam with anyone.
  • Oddly keeps her temper in check more than the average Brujah, except when...
  • Has been known to present herself in Elysium somewhat drunk on occasion.
  • Blurts out funny comments at the worst possible times.


  • Romantically involved with Montreal Seneschal Deacon Webb.
  • Besties with President Galindo Quinto.
  • Has 37 framed photos of Dizzy Gillespie in her living room.
  • Knows Henry Rollins. They hang out whenever he's in town.

Quotes about Billie Mydol

  • "I would call her brash and unpredictable.... but considering her brother, that would be doing her a disservice." Thaddeus Moreau
  • "Probably like the most like fun part of Montreal. Like she was like cool enough to do my makeup, even if like I totes don't like get her thing about like marrying like a fucking vampire. Like, we're dead?" Karma
  • (insert quote)

OOC Information
Player: Sophie Ricard
Player email:
C@M Number: CA2017071501
VST: Audrey Gravel
Domain: Montreal, QC

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