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Just because I am a medic does not mean I am a pacifist.

Information Known by the Garou Nation

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Name: Freddy Johnson
Deed Name: Binds-the-Wound
Rank: Adren
Faction: Concordant of Stars
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Camp: Imminent Strike
Auspice: Galliard
Breed: Homid
Pack: None
Sept: Gaia's Vengeance


1984 - Fredrick Johnson was born. Born. His father, Douglas, was a Child of Gaia Ragabash, working as a general physician. His Kinfolk mother, Ramona, worked as a nurse.
1996 - His Garou cousin, Juno was born.

1999 - First Change

  • His best friend, Cody Modesto, a normal human, became severely ill. His devoutly religious parents took him to a faith healer. A week later, Cody died. The cause of death went unknown.
  • In the aftermath of Cody's death, in grief, Freddy underwent the First Change.
  • Ever since then, this Child of Gaia has taken an extreme dislike of alternative medicine and its practitioners.
  • It was this tragedy that served as a catalyst for aiding others with tried and true methods of recovery.

2005 - Cliath Challenge

  • To climb the first rung of Garou society, Freddy was to teach first-aid to all Kinfolk within the Caern - and all of them must pass mundane certification. Upon completion, he was raised to Cliath. His Deed name became "Binds-the-Wound."
  • Ramona commented on Freddy's tendency for curiosity to get the better of him. "You were wise to test him that way. He will need it when he sticks his nose in where it does not belong." Douglas replied, "Sometimes, you have to learn the hard way if you want to make progress in the field."
  • He enrolled in various medicinal courses to further expand his knowledge of medicine.

2010 - Fostern Challenge

  • Binds-the-Wound had to live up to his Deed Name. His duty was to actively heal Garou as they trained in combat. His requirement was that he could not allow his teammate to fail.
  • Unfortunately for Freddy, he was unable to provide the necessary support. He focused his time and effort to work toward success. Instead of having to physically tap his teammate to rejuvenate him, he was able to deliver healing at range.
  • When the time came once more for the challenge, Binds-the-Wound succeeded.

2010 - The Great Galliard Road Trip

  • He traveled throughout the West Coast.
  • His first stop along his journey, was unexpectedly, a somber occasion. Jacob "Binds The Spiral" Solomonski delivered a eulogy for the fall of the Caern. He rose in applause with the audience when the Cliath finished his tale and was raised to Fostern.
  • In the wilderness of California, he met Jo "Thundercat" Trevino. He taught her first aid and wilderness survival. She reciprocated by teaching him the Cherokee language.
  • Saroj "Shiva's Dove" Faulkner found him on campus as an adjunct teaching Toxicology. She taught him much of what he knows about Asian cultures. Binds-the-Wound provided his knowledge.
  • Going further north to Seattle, Washington, he met Catalin "Cat" Corbeanu. The local Caern was destroyed and only Catalin was available to keep watch over the Kinfolk. Binds-the-Wound mentored Catalin and the Kinfolk to better protect themselves against insidious "wonder drugs."

2011 - First Blood

  • Hearing of a brood of vampires terrorizing the land, he met Thomas "Shade Seeker" Whitington. Together, they provided support in exterminating the creatures. The Silent Strider shared with him basic knowledge of the Undead.
  • In the aftermath, Binds-the-Wound officially joined Imminent Strike.

2015 - Adren Challenge

  • This Quest required him to adapt and overcome. The objective was to mask Tribe's Flaw during an infiltration against a Wyrm-controlled neighborhood.
  • How does a Garou with a weakened version of Delirium cover up his tracks? The answer was preparation. Lure the masses away from the scene of the supernatural. Disable their recording devices before they have a chance to learn too much. Lastly, using his persona as an EMT, issue an "immediate evacuation."
  • After ascending in rank, he arrived in Macon, Georgia. This was fortuitous timing, for the Caern Seed had just been planted. He met Arnold "Clickbait" Luciano. The two Galliards swapped tales. Binds-the-Wound contributed his findings to the Glasswalker's company, Lucky Pharmaceuticals.

2017 - A New Home

  • June - Binds-the-Wound joined the Sept of Gaia's Vengeance in Wharton State Forest.
  • August - His cousin, Juno, visited the Sept.

Known Facts

  • Among the Nation and Fera, he prefers to be known by his Deed Name.
  • He teaches healing Gifts to Garou and Fera, free of charge.
  • For Kinfolk, he teaches field triage, also free of charge.
  • Part of his lessons include believable lies to help protect the Veil. This includes having a mundane medkit on hand to help reinforce the perception that "it looked worse than it really was." For more serious situations, electronic surveillance somehow seems to malfunction.
  • As a Galliard, he takes notes on any unusual medical phenomena.
  • As a member of Imminent Strike, he positions himself behind the front line. He uses his Gifts to heal comrades at range.
  • He travels frequently. He is always drawn to where help is needed. Most often times, Binds-the-Wound provides relief efforts after battles.


  • Supposedly, he is cursed. He cannot persuade someone who is a practicing faith healer.


When teaching medicinal skills.

  • "The most important rule in any emergency is know what to do first."

When asked about his "specialized" journey across the United States.

  • "I teach self-sufficiency and learn from my peers. When useful knowledge spreads, everyone benefits."

If questioned about his membership within Imminent Strike.

  • "Just because I am a medic does not mean I am a pacifist."

When visiting Drunken Lullabies, he shared his perspective about the Apocalypse.

  • "All Garou and Fera are equal in the fight against the Wyrm."

When discussing the fate of a captured Ghoul in his Sept.

  • "You can kill him, but you cannot take any pleasure in doing so."

If asked about his intolerance of faith healers.

  • "Mortals do not have the talent to contract with spirits for healing. At best, singing kumbaya and clasping hands in prayer just makes them feel better. At worst, it invites the minions of the Wyrm."


Croaker, The Black Company by Glen Cook. Only after I created Binds-the-Wound did I begin reading The Black Company. I adapted what I liked from the character.

Last Chronicle, a friend played a Salubri Healer. I credit him for the quote at the top of this page.

OOC Information

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Coordinator: Rachel Sanks

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Location: Philadelphia, PA