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'"I don't speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don't have the power to remain silent" – Rabbi A.Y. Kook

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jacob "Binds The Spiral" Solomonski

Rank: Adren

Lineage: The Solomonskis

Notable Traits: Hamsa Necklace with a staring yellow eye...

Pack: NA

Society: Den Father

Sept: Sept Of Shadowed Wisdom

Jacob 'Binds the Spiral' is an archeologist, storyteller and Den Parent from the Sept of Shadowed Wisdom. He is a known traveler, gathering lore from far reaches of the Earth and the Umbra to teach, to share, and to chronicle this new age of the garou nation. Though he believes there is strength in upholding heritage, he agrees that the garou nation must change and grow to fight an ever shifting adversary: He is a follower of the Concordiat of Stars.


Homid Form: WIP

Caught off-guard after services

Umbral Form: As he travels deeper into the umbra, his appearance changes, revealing his true nature through the lens of common perception of him. Within the Penumbra, a faint rune forms on his forehead, and the eye on his hamsa gives off a faint yellow glow. Within the Near Umbra, this rune turns a rusty brown like dried blood, and the eye on the necklace stares unblinking at the viewer. His appearance in the Deep Umbra is not widely known.

Lupus: Jacob's lupus form exhibits the grey fur and tawny flecks of gray wolves, with a disk of dark black fur on his scalp.


1988 - Jacob is born to Reuben "Eyes From Two Rivers", Uktena Philodox

2006-2010 - Attends college to study anthropology

2010 - Reuben is killed in the fight to protect their Septs Caern. Jacob delivers a eulogy at his father's funeral, sharing his father's parting wisdom. His message to the sept is so stirring that the sept Talesinger names him as a Fostern and grants him the deed name "Binds The Spiral" to commemorate his moment.

2010 - 2012 - Jacob silently departs from the Protectorate and travels to septs, fallen caerns and broken lands across the world.

2012 - Jacob returns to the re-stablished Sept of Shadowed Wisdom and becomes its Den Parent.



  • He is one of 36 righteous people whose existence prevents the world from ending.
  • He is haunted by a Dybbuk
  • "Don't quote The Big Lebowski at him. The last guy who did still won't talk about what happened."
  • Tell the tale!
  • Tell the tale!
  • Tell the tale!

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