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The Belly of the Beast

Name: Bites His Tail
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Venombite
Court: Winter


Not Worth The Euphemism

  • Mask:
  • Mien:

It's easy to ascribe addiction with monstrous, otherworldly qualities. That's only a self-aggrandizing delusion. You are buttressed against no vast and alien intellect ripping away your self-control like a burly man robbing a preschooler. It's just you and your penchant for histrionics. So, why can't I give this up?

Look out I fear, They follow near.

Solitary Predators

Instinctual Associations

Character ties make more interesting stories. I'm all for them, as long as they're intriguing. Did you (or do you):

  • Know his family?
  • Hire him to take care of your dirty work?
  • Butt heads with him over something?
  • Help him protect animals or children? See him protect animals or children? Was it your animal or child?
  • Hear about those gangbangers going missing downtown?
  • Wonder why they never found any bodies?
  • Meet him, unfortunately, during his durance?


  • He's the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet.
  • He's a heroin addict.
    • He's a glamour addict.
      • He's a human flesh addict.
  • He goes to the same Dunkin' Donuts every Thursday at 1400. Sharp.
  • He drives a green car.
  • He drives a black car.
  • He's over here.
  • He's over there.
  • He's always spreading unsubstantiated fallacies for gullible rubes.


From The Consummate Asshole

  • "Fucking thanes. They told me "I'd know it when I see it". Well, I seen it, and I sure as fuck knew it."
  • "It's like someone wrote a shittier version of Nake Lunch, then turned it into an actual place. In his defense, I guess, he was unoriginal on purpose."
  • "Aint you a unicorn pitchin' a no hitter." (to a Fairest)
  • "Scars. Work ethic. Goals. I don't know. Whaddaya expect me to start spittin' out proverbs at the drop of a hat? Go fuck yaself." (to a Wizened)
  • "In walks my favorite male power fantasy." (to an Ogre... or Werewolf)

From Others


OOC Information

Story Hooks

  • Reluctant cannibal. After Arcadian years eating nothing but his fellow captives, he's developed a taste for it. Not that he remembers much of that captivity, or the reason for this unsettling desire, but it's there. And it's strong.
  • Common thug. Sure, he wears suits. He works the cloak and dagger stuff for winter//net. He talks like a wise guy and goes off on these ridiculous brooding missives. Basically, he plays at being a higher order of scum. It's a ruse. Look a little closer, and he's just your run-of-the-mill lowlife, with the physicality to get away with it.
  • Family man. It wasn't always that way. He was a reliable and protective father to three little girls. He wasn't particularly "emotionally available", but in his own way, he cared. Would he love to slip back into his old life? Sure. There are two reasons, however, keeping this out of reach; and obvious reason and an under-the-skin reason. One, he looks twenty years younger than he should. It would take some potent magic to fix this. Magic he doesn't have. The underneath reason is something he only thinks about staring in a mirror, late at night, alone. He's a lone predator again, and he likes it.
  • Snakeskin and Fern Leaves. His fetch is still alive, mainly because he seems to be a more nurturing parent than the man he replaced.

Changeling PC

Player: Steve D.
MES Number: US2017020021
Character: Bites His Tail
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Venombite
Court: Winter
Freehold: Valley of the Broken
VST: Josh R.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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