Bjorn Olafson

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Bjorn the Unyielding

Kan vannet føre deg til kamp, kan ditt slag leve til ære.

Known information

Name: Bjorn Olafson
Clan: Gangrel
Current City: Austin, TX
Other information: Yellow eyes, carries a massive sword with him everywhere. Loyal to the tower.
Confirmed as and Elder (Abiding)
Established as and Elder (Abiding)
Privileged as and Elder (Abiding)
Noble as Primogen


House Magnusson
Grandsire: Ikkenai
Sire: Olaf Magnusson


720: Born in Oslo, Norway
740: Embraced by Olaf Magnusson
980: Leaves Norway for the raids on Normandy
1066: Leaves Normandy for England
1453: Joins the Camarilla coterie
1610: Leaves London for Trondheim
1925: Leaves Trondheim for London
1999: Leaves London for Austin


Bjorn should be approached with caution, he is senile.
He sleeps with one eye open.
He is one of the best blacksmiths around


  • "Min sønn har overlevd i mer enn tusen år. Undervurder ikke hans styrke." - Olaf
  • "He has like, this really big sword he carries around. OMG, like, no, I mean on his back! He's always pacing around like he's waiting for someone to make him draw it." - Karma
  • "A story told in steel is a unique thing. It is difficult to do, and easy to foul up. When you see it lying on a table, it plainly tells it's tale. When being used, it sings it instead. Forging a blade doesn't make one a toolmaker, but a storyteller. This is a talent Bjorn has, and his works are no quiet lump of ore." - Alistair Beckworth
  • "Bjorn, the son of Luminary Elder Olaf, is straight forward and honorable. He took interest in my work and granted me his favor. That is more than I can ask of any Elder in the Ivory Tower." - Eli Zook
  • "I like him just fine. Can hardly wait to throw down some day for the Tower and see what he can really do with a sword. What? Am I bouncing again? Y'all be decent, some folk are just made for battle and it's good to meet your own kind is all." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "Den eldste Primogen er en glede å besøke med, og jeg vil gjøre noe for ham. og han er fullt klar over det." - Pollux Xenos
  • "He doesn't need a reason. He is the reason." - Payback
  • "" - yournamehere

Personality and Inspiration

Old, cranky and tired but still has passion and drive.

Bjorn Olafson

Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Position: none
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Jason England US2013060184
VST: Austin VST