Black Snake Medicine

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Character Information


Name: Black Snake Medicine

Tribe: Uktena

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Elder

Sept: Sept of the Bayous’ Blessing

Title or Position: None at this time

Pack: None at the moment

Black Snake Medicine's Tale

BlackSnakeMedicine concept.png
Black Snake Medicine is an enigmatic Elder Theurge of the Uktena tribe, whose extensive knowledge of the supernatural and capacity to understand Wyrmspeak serves as both a boon and a source of suspicion within the Garou Nation.

Born to kinfolk parents on a Choctaw reservation before the second World War, his parents named him Kosinti Oka'Lusa (Wise Water Black); he was raised to revere ancient traditions and learned the truths of the spirit world and the Garou Nation.

Black Snake Medicine is endlessly curious with regard to mystical secrets and powerful fetishes; regardless of what type of spirit or magic is involved, he seeks to reclaim lost artifacts and keep them safe under Uktena control.


Born: 1931
First Change: 1942
Joined Current Sept: 1994
Vanished after the brutal 2009 attack on the Houston Caern by Wyrm forces; thought to have fled somewhere in the Umbra.

Allies and Acquaintances


  • Whispers and rumors regarding his successful (but “Tainted”) Elder rank challenge began circulating long ago. An Athro Wendigo Ahroun who also participated in the rank challenge's Umbral quest died under the talons and fangs of a dozen powerful banes in the Atrocity Realm. The circumstances of the Wendigo's death were vouched for by all other participants and even a few spirits, but many of the details don't make sense or seem to contradict the prevalent understanding of how that tainted realm works. Many have expressed confusion regarding why only one warrior perished while the others survived; surely, as a powerful Theurge, Black Snake Medicine should have been able to handily dispatch the Wyrm spirits and heal the Ahroun before he perished.

    Most of the rumormongers have died in the last handful of decades. However, there still exist a handful of Elders and other servants of Gaia who were alive when the Elder's challenge was declared successful, and recall all too well the hushed whispers surrounding the unusual and suspicious circumstances of the quest's fallen Wendigo.


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OOC Information

Player: Sam Bashline

MES Number: US2014020070

VST: Houston Werewolf VST

Location: Houston, TX